10 Surprising Ways to Use Cauliflower in Recipes

These cauliflower recipes turn a nutritious, cruciferous veggie into easy, healthy (and delicious!) meals the whole family will love

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Buffalo Cauliflower Sandwich

When you’re busy, sometimes the easiest thing to serve for dinner is a sandwich. This Buffalo Cauliflower Sandwich isn’t your average brown-bag staple though. Not only will it satisfy even the pickiest eaters’ taste buds, it’s surprisingly easy to whip up.

The only real prep involves making the breading for the cauliflower. Just coat the cauliflower, roast it, add BBQ sauce and the sandwich filling is done!

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Crazy Ingredient Chocolate Cake

Do your kids refuse to eat their veggies at dinner? Sneak veggies into dessert instead. Chocolate cake made with cauliflower might be the best invention ever for picky eaters. This Cauliflower Chocolate Cake contains two whole cups of cauliflower, which makes it a great source of fibre and vitamin C, as well as other vitamins and minerals. The best part? It’s chocolate cake. Enough said.

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Alfredo Sauce

Blended cauliflower replaces the cream in traditional alfredo sauce, yet still makes a creamy and decadent-tasting pasta topping.

If you usually make pasta with tomato sauce for a quick weeknight meal, your family will love this alternative option from Oh She Glows. It’s perfect for nights when you need a fast and healthy family meal that tastes indulgent, but leaves everyone feeling light and energetic. Bonus: No one will know they’re getting a heaping serving of cauliflower, a huge dose of fibre and lots vitamins and minerals.

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Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a classic addition to any family meal, but adding cauliflower makes them lighter, fluffier and healthier.

Cauliflower also adds nutrients that potatoes alone don’t offer. Since cauliflower is lower in carbs and calories, but higher in fibre, vitamin C and calcium than potatoes, it’s the perfect way to get the best of both worlds. This option is served with mushroom gravy, which makes it even more mouthwatering.

If you want to skip the potatoes all together, try our Orange Cauliflower Mash recipe instead.

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Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower is the perfect stand-in for starchy carbs like rice. Not only does it add an extra veggie serving to a meal that otherwise wouldn’t have it, it’s a lighter option for nights when kids have sports or activities. After all, you don’t want them rushing out the door feeling bloated or uncomfortable. You can even make this cauliflower rice in advance, then add some extra veggies, protein and sauce when it’s time to serve dinner.

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Grilled Cauliflower Tacos

When roasted or grilled, cauliflower goes from bland to delicious, while still retaining all its great nutritional properties. These Cauliflower Tacos take full advantage of grilled cauliflower’s flavor, while adding extra touches like avocado cream and mango slaw.

Taco night is a fun family dinner tradition and a great way to get kids involved in healthy cooking. Make the grilled cauliflower, and then let kids build their own tacos!

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Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Instead of ordering takeout, turn Friday night pizza into a healthy meal for the whole family. Kids will love that they’re getting pizza for dinner, you’ll love that the crust is made of a cruciferous veggie. This is also a great healthy meal option to make in advance. You can make the crust and freeze it, or even add all the toppings and freeze it. On busy weeknights, all you’ll have to do is pop it in the oven. (Here’s how to make it.)

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Cauliflower Buns and Bagels

Want to get your kids to eat something other than carbs? This might be the recipe that changes their minds. Instead of starchy flour, these buns are made with cauliflower and almond meal, making them a protein and fibre-rich alternative to regular bread. It’s the perfect option for stashing in lunches all week long.

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Cauliflower Hummus

You need a quick, healthy snack for the family. And you need it now. If you have a cauliflower, try this new take on hummus that the kids will love.

While chickpea hummus is a great protein-rich snack, this cauliflower alternative is lower in calories (even though it packs in a whole head of cauliflower). Garlic, lemon juice and tahini are still the stars of this recipe, but the roasted cauliflower adds a whole new flavour. You’re going to want to eat a lot of this. Which is totally okay, because it’s way lower in calories than regular hummus.

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Cauliflower Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Everyone loves mac ‘n’ cheese, but the usual ingredients aren’t the healthiest options around. Good thing cauliflower is here to create a creamy, decadent meal that both tastes delicious and contains tons of nutrients. This recipe can be adapted using either cheese or cashew cream. And our Dairy-Free Creamy Macaroni Bake is a great option for those who don’t tolerate dairy well.

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