12 Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas From Instagram – All With Makeup You Already Own

You’re not doing Halloween. You’re not doing Halloween. Until… You are doing Halloween. Don’t stress about last-minute Halloween makeup. You’ve got this.

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last minute halloween makeup ideas
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Handle last-minute Halloween makeup like a beauty pro

Halloween should be fun. Not stressful. So even with a game-day decision to dress up, have fun with it. And so you’re not starting from scratch, we compiled our favourite easy-to-pull-off last-minute Halloween makeup and costume looks from Instagram.

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Let it pour!

Vancouver’s @sydneypower_ took former Spice Girls’ Geri Halliwell’s “It’s Raining Men” song to the next level with her punny costume.

What you need from your makeup bag: Just your day look stuff.

Extra stuff you will need: An umbrella, your Hunter boots, gossip magazines, scissors and some string.

Skills you need: The only skill you need is to be able to cleanly cut around Hollywood hunks’ faces.

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You have time to phone home

Red lipstick is the perfect arsenal for a last-minute Halloween makeup look. And we are just crushing on @damfino as Elliot and her red lippy.

What you need from your makeup bag: Again, whatever you already put on this morning, plus a bold lip.

Extra stuff you will need: A red hoodie, a blanket (an ET plush if you have it, if not just wrap the blanket in a ball and put it in a bike basket – he’s sleeping).

Skills you need: The ability to line the perfect pout.

This red lipstick flatters every skin tone.

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Filters fix everything

Your favourite filter is a snap if you do what @diybeautybyheebs did. Vomiting rainbows is easy to pull off and you’ll finally get a chance to use that bright blue eyeliner that’s at the bottom of your makeup bag.

What you need from your makeup bag: Black eyeliner and mascara, blush (used as eye shadow) and a selection of colourful eyeliners, eye shadows or lip liners. Whatever you have!

Extra stuff you will need: Whatever clothes you decide to wear out.

Skills you need: Just the ability to do your makeup, and draw straight lines from your bottom lip to your chin.

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A #fitnessFriday throwback

We know you are just like @ellebell.xo, and you have lots of fitness wear in your wardrobe. (You are reading Best Health, after all.) It’s time to pull out the pieces you haven’t worn in a while.

What you need from your makeup bag: What you normally use on your pretty self.

Extra stuff you will need: Patterned workout wear and a headband. And maybe a pair of scissors to cut the neck of an old sweatshirt so it drapes off your shoulders.

Skills you need: Just the ability to put together a look you wouldn’t normally wear. Clashing is good!

The brightest fashionable fitness wear ever.

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What a doll!

Wear your cutest outfit and grab your essentials from your makeup bag. We love @_reneejosephine’s costume for its cute factor and how simple it is too.

What you need from your makeup bag: Your everyday makeup with a poppy lippy and black eyeliner pencil.

Extra stuff you will need: Ummm, your cutest outfit.

Skills you need: Over draw your lips, and use the same colour to make circles on your cheese for blush. Then with your eyeliner, draw the “stitch” lines for your nose and mouth. Cuteness overload.

Long-lasting lipsticks that we tested through the sweatiest workouts.

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She’s my hero

@kitkats_makeup just upped our eyeliner game with this Wonder Woman look. You don’t have to worry about a plastic crown falling off either with this last-minute Halloween makeup look.

What you need from your makeup bag: Your favourite red lip, black and white eyeliner and lots of gold liquid eyeshadow.

Extra stuff you will need: An outfit that makes you feel like a super hero. It might be time to pull out your metallic running leggings. 😉

Skills you need: This one will take some time, so be patient and go slow. Do your evening makeup as you would, and then use her post as inspiration to take it over the top.

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Death becomes her

While Cady from Mean Girls might believe that scary costumes are for kids, we respectfully disagree. Especially after seeing @makeup_by_hawraa’s haunting post. To achieve this last-minute Halloween makeup look, do your makeup as if you are going out for a night out, but hold off on the lipstick.

What you need from your makeup bag: Black eyeliner. Lots of black liner.

Extra stuff you will need: A scarf long and big enough to wrap around your head, and a monochrome look.

Skills you need: Do your best smokey eye, and get some extra mileage out of your black eyeliner by drawing lines on your lips for skull teeth and to darken the tip of your nose.

This is how to use black eyeliner without messing up ever again.

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She’s so powerful

Get out of Super Woman’s way. Based in New Westminster, British Columbia, @strongsidenewwest’s post of @coach_whip as a power-lifting super hero is super inspiring.

What you need from your makeup bag: A minimalist, natural look calls for day makeup.

Extra stuff you will need: White shirt, tie and a Super Girl tee (or a Super Man shirt will do).

Skills you need: The ability to dress yourself and leave the buttons of your shirt undone to expose the S logo. Whether you tie the tie is up to you.

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Oh, there she is!

Where’s Waldo? We are not sure. But we do know where a fitness-class friendly costume is. @tamarashazam solved that issue with this cute look.

What you need from your makeup bag: Sweat-proof makeup, if you decide to wear any for your Zumba class.

Extra stuff you will need: A red- and white-striped shirt and a red beanie.

Skills you need: The ability not to kill yourself laughing, when you catch a glimsp of Waldo in the mirror, doing squats.

This is how you sweat-proof your makeup routine.

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The butterfly effect

The reason we all love the butterfly crown filter on Snapchat is because it makes your skin look flawless, just like @layyluhh did with her post. And this last-minute Halloween makeup is just like your regular makeup but better.

What you need from your makeup bag: Pull out your best foundation and highlighter for this one.

Extra stuff you will need: A headband, butterfly cut-outs, gold spray paint, wire and a glue gun.

Skills you need: This costume is for the makeup aficionado and the D.I.Y. queen.

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Puppy play

The Instastories puppy filter is the cutest, no? And as Ontario Instagrammer @she.who.sleeps.with.wolves says, it’s a basic getup that is perfect if you need a last-minute Halloween costume.

What you need from your makeup bag: Again, you will want the look of flawless skin, so a matte foundation is key for this look.

Extra stuff you will need: Paper, scissors and colouring pencils, and some mascara glue or another skin-friendly adhesive.

Skills you need: Draw yourself some puppy ears and a nose, cut them out, stick them on, and grab your phone. Oh, and take as many selfies as you can.

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Find your fire, find your spark

Jennifer Lawrence made Katniss iconic, and you can make her your last-minute Halloween look. @idahetl pulls off this blockbuster look with ease.

What you need from your makeup bag: Whatever you are already wearing.

Extra stuff you will need: Dark, comfy athletic wear, a backpack, a braid and a bow and arrow if you have one.

Skills you need: Look fierce and memorize one liners (like “Yeah, I’m not very good at making friends,” and “My name is Katniss Everdeen. I am 17 years old. My home is District 12.”), so no one thinks you just came from the gym instead of getting dressed up.

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