The Right Way To Wear Lip Liner

Make your lipstick last longer, get fuller lips and a pretty pout – all that will the help of a lip liner. Here is how to use the lip pencil with ease.

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Lipstick is having a moment. (A rather long moment, mind you.) But when lip colour is on trend, you just know that lipliner is tagging along for the fashionable ride.

“Thanks to some amazing technology innovations surrounding pigments, lipsticks now offer limitless payoff and coverage options,” says Vancouver-based makeup artist, Kelsey Anna Fitzpatrick, also part of the Kat Von D Beauty Artistry Collective. “Lip Liner allows you to create clean edges to define your lips that can be difficult with lipstick alone.” She uses the Kat Von D Beauty Everlasting Lip Liners because the line is vegan and offers 24-hour wear.

If you don’t know the right way to apply lip liner, it can be intimidating. But Fitzpatrick says to “think of it like a super tiny lipstick. Not only will it allow you to create the lip shape you want, it will also improve the longevity of your lipstick and gloss.”

Want to know the right way to apply lip liner? Here are Fitzpatrick’s steps on achieving the perfect lip with lip liner:

• “First, I start from the middle of the lip, defining the cupid’s bow [right underneath the nose] and bottom lip.”
• “Next I carefully continue the line upwards from the outer corners of the lip, then connect that line to the lip center.”
• “I use makeup remover on a Q-tip to clean up my mistakes, and concealer on an angle brush to do any final necessary touch ups.”
• “If you want to create the illusion of naturally fuller lips, trace slightly along the outer edge of your own lip line, while creating symmetry, more so towards the center versus the outer corners. This technique can be used to draw lips as bold as you want.”
• “Some people don’t know that lip liner can be used to fill in their entire lips – not just outline them – and are scared of looking like they have a ring around their lips, so they avoid it By applying lip liner all over your lips, they will fade evenly as your lipstick wears off. It can even be worn alone as lipstick.”

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