8 Flawless Makeup Tricks to Help You Look Less Tired

While it would be nice to sleep in, sometimes you have to fake it. We’ve go the pro makeup and skin tricks that will help you look well rested.

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Step 1: Start with a clean slate

This is especially important if you went to bed without washing your face last night and remnants of yesterday’s makeup are sticking around. A gentle cleanser is ideal, says Rich Campbell, who’s worked as a makeup artist for 25 years for brands like Origins, Dior, and Chanel, and is the director of education at Dermaflash. Follow up with your regular daily moisturizer. Hydrated skin perks you up because it naturally makes skin look more glow-y and vibrant.

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Smoothing on tinted moisturizer can help you look less tired
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Step 2: Smooth on tinted moisturizer

“I like a natural look for summer,” says Campbell, who recommends grabbing a tinted moisturizer with a built-in SPF 30. (Note: If your regular moisturizer already has an SPF 30, it’s not necessary for the tinted moisturizer to have it as well. The key is that one of these provides sun protection.) “These blend in nicely and even your skin tone, leaving skin looking sun kissed,” he says. “In summer, a little illumination is a nice touch,” he says.

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Targeting under eye circles can help you look less tired
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Step 3: Target under eye circles

One of the key areas to focus on when you’re tired is your under eye bags. To prep the skin, use an eye cream to battle puffiness.  Next you will want to hide the appearance of dark circles. Take a concealer two shades lighter than your skin tone and apply this in a triangular shape under your eyes. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle is a great drugstore brand product.

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Setting your concealer can help you look less tired
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Step 4: Set your concealer

To prevent creasing and to keep your concealer in place all day, set this area with a loose setting powder. To set, apply a generous amount of powder with a brush or damp beauty blender and let it “bake” in for a few minutes. Once the powder has started to sink into the skin, take a brush and dust the remaining powder off.

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Adding colour to eyes can help you look less tired
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Step 5: Add colour to eyes

Campbell is a fan of shimmery shadows to brighten up eyes – and he promises you won’t look like a disco ball. Swipe a goldy-pink or champagne colour on lids, he says. Focusing this brightening shade on the inner corner makes the eye appear wider and more awake. Finish the eyes by lining the water line with a nude liner, curling your lashes, and applying a volumizing mascara. Lastly, fill in your brows with whatever product works best for you.

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Dipping into bronzer will help you look less tired
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Step 6: Dip into bronzer

Dust on a bronzer that has – you guessed it – a subtle shimmer to it. Apply to areas that the sun naturally touches your face: apples of cheeks, tip of nose, and along your hairline. Use a light hand. “Bronzer should kiss your face – not look like a mask, which will backfire and make you appear dull and tired,” says Campbell.

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Adding colour to cheeks can help you look less tired
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Step 7: Add colour to cheeks

Making your skin glow with a shimmery blush and highlight is key to faking well-rested, fresh skin. Dust a shimmery blush onto the apples of cheeks to add some colour back into your face. Add highlighting powder to the tops of cheekbones, down the nose, across the cupid’s bow, and on the chin to enhance your skin’s appearance.

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Bringing focus to lips can help you look less tired
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Step 8: Bring focus to lips

Lastly, coat lips in a natural looking lip stain or gloss to add a nice, but subtle, pop of color without looking overdone. The finished look gives the illusion of a well-awake, fresh face!

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