10 Reasons We Love Gal Gadot’s Instagram Account

Need some motivation? A reminder to chill out? A picture of drool-worthy healthy foods? Check out our list of the Wonder Woman’s best Insta posts.

Gal Gado Instagram, Gal Gadot at the Wonder Woman premierphoto credit: shutterstock

Healthy is as healthy does, but sometimes we need a reminder to chill out. Enter Gal Gadot’s Instagram account.

The star of the box-office hit Wonder Woman has that cool girl, laid-back vibe we want to achieve. And her posts are a great daily reminder that we too need to take life in stride.


Don’t ever take for granted the support of those who love you

It shouldn’t be this way, but it’s easy to forget about those who love us unconditionally – they have to, right?! But this is a great reminder not to do that. Imagine life without their support. Live a life of Live a life of gratitude.


Keep your expectations of yourself in check

Sometimes the pressure we put on ourselves is ridiculous. This is a great reminder of that, as well as to pick up some coconut oil on the way home.


Dress for the job you want

Love this post about how she was profiled in a magazine about her love for Wonder Woman, which inspired the spread’s theme of – you guessed it – Wonder Woman. Say your goals out loud, be prepared for them and work towards them.


Invest in some me time

Self love is trendy – and for good reason. A vacation or two a year is not enough. Give yourself some time every week, whether it’s with a hobby you love, some meditation, or doing anything that you truly love. We’re taking Gal’s lead and making it every Sunday.


Make fitness goals

Life goals always seem to take precedence over our physical goals. But we have our bodies for life, so our next goal – while the corner office would be nice – is to take our fitness to the next level.


Get rid of excuses

Sometimes our excuses really don’t have a leg to stand on. ‘Nuff said.


Eat healthy

Snacking can easily be a bag of chips or a chocolate bar. But why not eat something like this late in the evening!


Grab a colouring book

Colouring is good for your mental wellness. It’s actually been shown to help reduce stress in some research.


Life’s short, eat the pasta

A healthy attitude with food is a balanced one. Besides, cheat meals can be good for the metabolism.


Find the workout for you

Working out is hard, so find the type of fitness you actually love. That’s more motivating than a number on a scale. And if you ever try boxing, you’ll love what it will do to your body, just like Gal.

For more motivation, you’ll have to just follow Gal Gadot’s Instagram account.