10 New Ways to Eat Healthy This Month

It’s time to finally clean up your diet.

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1. How To Eat Healthy: Embrace The Noodle

Good news for noodle fans: A recent study published in Nutrition & Diabetes links pasta consumption with a lower BMI and reduced obesity. Researchers believe this is due to pasta’s traditional presence in the Mediterranean diet, which is known to be slimming. To reap the benefits, stick to a healthy serving size (just 1/2 to 2/3 cup cooked pasta at lunch or dinner) and fill the rest of your plate with veggies and lean meats, fish or beans.

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2. How To Eat Healthy: Eat Your Leftovers

Tired of limp leftovers? There’s a new kid in town that promises fast and crisp reheats. It’s a microwave oven that comes with a special crisper pan to help food maintain its texture. Suddenly weeknight suppers just got a whole lot easier.

Breville Quick Touch Crisp, $600

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3. How To Eat Healthy: Rethink Your Drink

Suffering from insomnia or stress? You may need to increase your magnesium intake. If you can’t fit another pill into your day, try a powder formulation that you easily mix with water for a fizzy, tangy drink. One to try is Orange Naturals MagPop!, $17 per box (35 packets). Combined with vitamin C and electrolytes, this formulation contains magnesium glycinate, the most easily absorbed type of magnesium.

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4. How To Eat Healthy: Get A Little Help

Pull supper together in a snap with PC Roasted Cauliflower Ravioli Traditional Italian Filled Egg Pasta, $8. This ravioli is stuffed with roasted cauliflower, provolone and ricotta cheeses. “Cauliflower is a popular vegetable once again and roasting it makes the flavour even more amazing!” says Kathlyne Ross, vice-president of product development and innovation. Toss with olive oil and herbs for a fast and healthy dinner that leaves you with more downtime.

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5. How To Eat Healthy:Drink Up

A unique Canadian take on bottled water, Sapsucker, is naturally filtered from a maple tree. Maple water (also known as sap) is naturally rich in minerals and antioxidants, and some early research points to its brain-boosting powers, but we love its slightly sweet flavour. Serve it in beautiful stemware with a pretty garnish and you’ve got a totally original non-alcoholic cocktail for your holiday meal.

Sapsucker, $5 at sapsucker.ca 

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6. How To Eat Healthy: Find Some Extra Fibre

New research published in Frontiers in Pharmacology shows that small dietary changes can significantly benefit both the lives of Canadians and our health care system. The study showed that if Canadian adults increased their intake of cereal fibre by just one gram per day, annual health care costs related to cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes could be reduced by up to $143.2 million. Now that’s food for thought.

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7. How To Eat Healthy: Think Bubbly

Drinking your 8-10 glasses of water each day can be tricky. Luckily, carbonated water is just as healthy for you as still water. If you are making your own sparkling water at home, be sure to opt out of the packets of flavour mixes. Instead, infusing your water with your favourite fruit and garnishes or adding a splash of 100 percent juice  are a much healthier ways to stay hydrated.

SodaStream Genesis Machine, $100 at amazon.ca

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8. How To Eat Healthy: Take Advantage of Food Delivery

And no, we’re not taking about your favourite Chinese takeout. When life gets a little bit too hectic, why not seek help from a couple of Canadian delivery services who want to send you meal ideas, the groceries you need, or ready-made meals? Here are five of our current favourite Canadian food delivery services.

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9.  How To Eat Healthy: Use An Instant Pot

Cook meals in a fraction of the time than normal with an Instant Pot, the electric cooker that healthy foodies can’t get enough of. Through it’s steaming method,this programmable pressure cooker also helps you retain your vegetables’ vitamins and minerals, which makes getting healthy, homemade meals on the table that much easier.

Instant Pot IP-DUO60, $265 at amazon.ca

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10: How To Eat Healthy: Bring Your Lunch To Work

With a little meal planning, bringing your lunch to work every day is a breeze. Plus, it’s a surefire way to save some money! For some extra motivation, treat yourself to a stylish grown-up bento box. These proportioned boxes will remind you to pack an assortment of healthy food and snacks.

Monbento MB Square The Square Bento Box in Black, $33 at well.ca 

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