The Secret To A Pinterest-Worthy Holiday Party

We asked Erica Domesek, the DIY guru behind the popular blog “P.S. I Made This,” about the best holiday entertaining hack that your guests are sure to love.

DIY Drink Stations 01
“When it comes to holiday entertaining, it’s one thing just to serve food and drinks, but it enhances the whole experience when it’s presented in a way that makes people excited,” says Erica Domesek, creator of the blog P.S. I Made This.

An easy, stress-free way to impress every guest at this year’s holiday party is to make a DIY drink station where people can customize their own cocktail creation. “Beverages are one of the most customizable things ever. Some people like them strong, others like theirs fruity. Drink stations are an easy way to make every guest happy,” she says.

Plus, DIY drink stations are the perfect way for guests to mix and mingle with one another. Guests have so much fun getting a glass, choosing their drink and adding their favourite garnishes, Domesek explains.

For a simple DIY drink station, display the recipes for two signature cocktails of your choice. Include glassware, all of the cocktail’s required ingredients, some drink stirrers and an assortment of garnishes.

If you’re in need of some garnish option ideas, fruits like raspberries and slices of strawberries, cucumbers, limes and lemons are always a hit. Don’t forget to include herbs like basil, thyme, and cilantro, which add a unique twist to any drink. The best part about DIY drink stations? “The options really are endless,” says Domesek.

The Secret To Great Mocktails

At every party, it’s important to offer your guests an assortment of non-alcoholic drinks, too. Domesek always includes a Sodastream at her DIY drink stations so that guests can use fresh, sparkling water as a base for their mocktail. “They’re so easy to use that even kids can make their own drinks,” she says, adding that guests of all ages have fun making drinks with it.

Make Your DIY Drink Station More Personalized

Take your DIY drink station to the next level by allowing guests to customize their own glass or tumbler, suggests Domsesk. Include a container of paint pens at your drink station so that people can write their names on their cups. For even more fun, purchase a few types of stencils so people can decorate their glasses with fun designs. This will help prevent people from losing their drinks throughout the night. Also, it’s a great little gift for each guest to take home.