10 Ways to De-Stress After a Hectic Day

The best ways to unwind after a super stressful day.

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Do Nothing

The challenge: Take 10 minutes every day to do absolutely nothing. It’s more difficult than it sounds. Try it right now. Just sit (and try to resist the urge to plan dinner). Set an alarm so you don’t have to look at your watch. Be content to do nothing, without feeling that anything has to be done. The reward is a peace of mind that will spread to other parts of your day.

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Listen To Music

Need inspiration? Put on a favourite CD. Research shows that music can help slow your heart rate and lower blood pressure. When listening to music, you’ll unwind and find your daily chores less demanding.

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Stop Watching The Clock

We are constantly reminded of how little time we have to achieve things. This inevitably fuels frustration as we put ourselves under pressure to meet deadlines. Try to limit the number of clocks in your home and work area.

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Be Old-Fashioned

Do things reminiscent of your grandmother’s era: Slow down by growing potted herbs, doing some sewing or writing letters. Resist gulping down fast food; instead, set aside an evening to cook up a delicious meal for your family and friends.

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Control Your Breathing

Yoga, tai chi and meditation all recognize the healing power of the breath, and science has shown that controlled breathing can help manage stress. Anxious people tend to breathe from the upper chest. To calm down, take slow, deep, measured breaths that swell your abdomen rather than your rib cage.

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Drink Tea

There’s nothing more revitalizing than a hot cup of tea. To really savour the experience, brew a pot from loose tea rather than simply dunking a tea bag in a cup. Try it without the sugar and milk-fresh tea leaves are full of flavour.

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Speak Slowly

We’re not suggesting you annoy others by altering the rate at which you speak. However, if you learn to pace yourself and think about what you say, you’ll eventually trick your brain into a calmer mood.

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Allow your mind to wander. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and picture yourself cuddling in the arms of your soulmate or listening to the splash of the ocean. When you create a meaningful connection with something you’ve imagined, your body and mind relax, even if it’s just momentary.

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Reject Perfection

The stress we go through to achieve perfection can feel endless. That’s why it’s important to just do your best and be satisfied with that. Whether you’re organizing a special dinner party or preparing a presentation for work, don’t fret about being perfect.

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Get Organized

Forward planning never goes astray. Get in the habit of making to-do lists, shopping lists and even wish lists. Avoid procrastination by breaking big projects into small goals-and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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