The Best Delivery Services for Back To School Season

Meal-prep, grocery shopping and running errands just easier.

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Time-Saving Delivery Services

The back-to-school grind can be seriously stressful and it can take us a bit longer to get back in the swing of things. Why not seek help from a couple of Canadian delivery services who want to send you meal ideas, the groceries you need, or ready-made meals for the office? They’re a great idea for seniors, students and singles, too.  We’ve rounded up 5 of the best time-saving services that will make this back-to-school season the smoothest one yet.

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Eating Dinner

Miss Fresh

This Quebec-based company brings ready to cook meals to families in Quebec and Ontario. Choose the “Single or Couple” package (two portions per meal, with three or four meals per week), or the “Family” package (four portions per meal, with three or four meals per week). You can also pick a “Chef’s Box” where the meals are picked for you, or you can customize and choose the meals. Fresh ingredients are packed to stay cool all day and shipped to your door, ready for cooking. All of the ingredients you need for the meal will be there save for salt, pepper, olive oil, and eggs (since they’re more difficult to ship). In 30 minutes or less you’ll have a chef and nutritionist-approved meal ready to enjoy. Order week-to-week.

Cost: $8.50-$9.80/portion at  

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Hello Fresh

Another company that delivers fresh ingredients and recipes directly to your door, Hello Fresh just recently launched in Canada and currently serves all of Southern Ontario (with plans to expand soon). All of the ingredients needed to make your meals are included, and some of the veggies are already pre-chopped and sliced. Choose from the “Pronto” box (three meals for either two or four people), or the “Family” box (three meals for four people). The boxes include recipes that take approximately 30 minutes to make, but there’s more opportunity to get the kids involved with the Family box.  Your order renews every week, so remember to pause the service if you want to take a break.

Cost: From $10.85/person/meal at

Bonus! Use code BEST-HEALTH-60-OFF for $30 off each of your first two orders.

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eFresh Meals

Try efresh Meals (serving Southern Ontario) for freshly prepared meals delivered via FedEx to your home or office. The meals are shipped in airtight, temperature-controlled packaging so your meals are always fresh. All you need to do is heat and eat. Another reason to love? Through a partnership with Daily Bread Food Bank, for every meal you buy, one is provided to someone in need. Choose a meal plan and enjoy.

Cost: $8.45 per dish at

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Grocery Gateway

Order your groceries with the click of a mouse. You can schedule delivery up to two weeks in advance, or as early as next day delivery (with 90-minute delivery windows so you’re not waiting all day for the door). The delivery area includes the GTA, including Oshawa and King City, as well as Kitchener/Waterloo, Guelph and Hamilton. You can shop the sales, and easily find exactly what you’re looking for without wandering around aisles.

Cost: $45 minimum order, plus a $10 delivery fee for residential accounts at 

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Amazon Subscribe & Save

When we use up the last drop of dish soap, roll of paper towel or stick of deodorant, it’s time to run the annoying last-minute errand to re-stock the things we use daily. But, it can be a thing of the past with this handy service from Amazon. They deliver automatic reorders on the everyday items you use most. Choose from thousands of items you’d like to “subscribe” along with the quantity and delivery frequency. Available across Canada.

Receive a discount of up to 15% off when you subscribe to five or more items at


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