The Health Benefits of Matcha: Why You Should Be Drinking It Up!

This trendy tea isn’t just a treat – it’s also really good for you. Find out the health benefits of this tea and how you can use it a home with our recipes.

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Health Benefits of Matcha: bowl and spoonful of matcha
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Matcha is good for you, from your head to your toes

Matcha makes a great tea. Here’s why: Matcha tea is made from shade-grown leaves that are ground into a fine powder and whisked into a frothy beverage – you actually drink the leaves rather than steep them. The result is a more-than-100-fold increase in the amount of EGCG (a powerful polyphenol) over regular green tea. And this is where the health benefits of matcha come in: One study found that EGCG increased the production of brain cells, improving learning and memory in mice. Another found that it revived dying skin cells, potentially improving skin conditions. That’s reason enough to raise a cup of matcha.

Keep reading for three ways to use the green powder at home.

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Matcha, Kiwi and Kale Power Smoothie

Carbohydrates like bananas enhance endurance, fueling your body for a longer workout. The matcha adds caffeine, which is shown to boost strength, with a kick that’s said to last longer than coffee.

Reap the health benefits of matcha with this Matcha, Kiwi and Kale Power Smoothie recipe.

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Matcha Green Tea Torte slice
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Matcha Green Tea Torte

Satisfy your cheesecake craving. Bonus: This green tea torte recipe is perfect for raw-food enthusiasts or anyone sensitive to milk products.

Reap the health benefits of matcha with this Matcha Green Tea Torte recipe.

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Matcha smoothie bowl
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Matcha Smoothie Bowl

Ready to elevate your smoothie bowl? A spoonful of matcha will do the trick. And this feel-good breakfast is the perfect way to start the day.

Reap the health benefits of matcha with this Matcha Smoothie Bowl recipe.

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