The Benefits of Detox Tea

Summer is prime time for detox diets, so we asked Kate Ross LeBlanc, co-founder of Saje Natural Wellness, for her advice on doing it right

The Benefits of Detox Tea


Are detox diets really necessary?

Some people lead a lifestyle where they’re naturally detoxing on a regular basis – through exercising, drinking lots of water and eating well – so they may not need to do cleanses as often. But we’re all building up some amount of toxins in our bodies through the foods we eat and the products we use on our skin, so I think most of us can benefit from doing a detox a couple of times a year.

What are some of the benefits of doing a detox?

As toxins build up in the body, they affect people at their weakest link, so you could notice improvements in sleep, aches and pains, the occurrence of headaches or the severity of allergy symptoms. A detox is also a great way to kick-start a weight-loss program.

How can we use your new detox tea as part of our next cleanse?

You could incorporate two to three cups of hot or iced tea a day as part of your overall fluid intake to give your cleanse a boost. Our tea contains peppermint (an anti-inflammatory), lemon myrtle (a natural detoxifier) and a small amount of chill pepper (which stimulates your metabolism).

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