Our Favourite Celebrity Resolutions For 2018 – That You Should Totally Copy

Still on the look-out for a resolution? Take some inspiration from these celebrity resolutions. Here’s what the stars are striving for in 2018.

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celebrity resolutions 2018 Kim Kardashian West
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Kim Kardashian West wants to work hard

The reality star resolved to “train really hard and be more consistent” in 2018, according to Refinery29.

Why it is one of our favourite celebrity resolutions for 2018: Aiming for consistency and intensity in your workout is a winner in our book. This resolution focuses on fitness in a way that’s specific and positive, instead of a vague goal like “get into shape.” According to a study published in Obesity, consistency is the key to achieving fitness and weight loss goals, so Kim’s on the right track.

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celebrity resolutions 2018 Meghan Markle
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Meghan Markle wants to be a lady

The former Best Health cover girl and newly engaged royal makes the same resolutions every year, according to The Mirror. And that’s to stop biting her nails and to hold back on swearing. (Good idea, especially in front of the queen mum.) “These make my New Year’s resolution list nearly (AKA actually every) single year,” she wrote on her site The Tig, which she had given up once she was dating Prince Harry. “The swearing comes in lulls triggered by being overworked or feeling mighty cheeky after a couple drinks. […] And when it comes to the biting of the nails – well, it still happens with a turbulent flight or a stressful day. […] “It’s unladylike. But then again, so is the swearing. Dammit.” 😉

Why it is one of our favourite celebrity resolutions for 2018: Making a good impression is key – especially when you have the whole world watching your every move. But for the rest of us, it is a confidence booster.

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celebrity resolutions 2018 Candace Cameron Bure
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Candice Cameron Bure wants to say no more

The Fuller House star resolved to choose more carefully what she says yes to, according to Us Magazine. “My New Year’s resolution is to be very picky about what I choose to say yes to. There are a lot of options and sometimes you gotta stand up and just say no.”

Why it is one of our favourite celebrity resolutions for 2018: It might seem harsh but Candice has the right idea: people often feel depleted because they have difficulty saying “no” to others. Learning to say no to sets healthy boundaries and allows you to start honouring your personal needs. Who doesn’t want a little more #metime anyway?

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celebrity resolutions 2018 Melissa Joan Hart
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Melissa Joan Hart wants to go offline

The actress is resolving to limit her tech intake, reports ET Canada. “My New Year’s resolution is probably going to be to put down my phone more and pay attention to my boys.”

Why it is one of our favourite celebrity resolutions for 2018: We love any resolution in which you strive to be more engaged in the present. Want to take it to the next level? Practice mindfulness. Research has shown that the practice can boost immunity, lower blood pressure and help with anxiety and depression.

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celebrity resolutions 2018 Brooke Burke-Charvet
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Brooke Burke-Charvet wants to keep hydrated

Burke-Charvet, also a former Best Health cover model, resolves to drink more water. On an Instagram post, she put water on top of her ambitious list of 2018 goals

Why it is one of our favourite celebrity resolutions for 2018: Because it’s just so simple and doable. It’s safe to say that everyone needs to be mindful of their water intake. Not only does water keep us hydrated, it prevents fatigue and can help boost weight loss.

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