This Is How To Say No More – And 4 Things You Should Always Say Yes To

Ever bite off more than you can chew? Or make commitments despite how it may affect your time and health? Well, say no more. This is the hack for you.

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Say “yes” to no – You can say no more than you’d think!

This is a New Year’s resolution all of us ladies need to try. We should start the new year singing a new tune – one that involves using the word “no.” It is easier than you’d think to say no more often than you already are.

According to naturopathic doctor Sara Celik (also a spokesperson for Renew Life), women often feel depleted and suffer burnout because they have a hard time saying “no” to others.

“They give, give, give without refilling their gas tanks,” she says. (Raise your hand if you’re guilty of saying yes when you mean to say no. Our hands are up, too!) “Women need to start honouring their needs and themselves,” she says.

How do you get in the habit to say no more often?

It is pretty simple actually. Baby steps.

“Say no once a week to something that you would’ve said ‘yes’ to,” she says. “It starts a healthy process of setting healthy boundaries.”

4 guilt-free things you can say yes to. Every. Single. Time.

Other ways to live healthy? Celik says to take a page from popular wellness retreats and follow a routine of balanced living: Practise yoga, meditate, take nature walks, make a habit of eating fresh, healthy food and try a cleanse.

1. Sign up for yoga to reconnect with your body. YASSS!

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2. Take a daily walk to disconnect from the world. YASSS!

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3. Add more veggies to meet your dietary needs. YASSS!

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4. Try a detox We like Renew Life First Cleanse. YASSS!

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada