4 Habits That Will Help You Develop Killer Self-Confidence

Become the most self-confident version of yourself by developing these four healthy habits.

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Your Beauty, Your Say

Women and girls around the world are feeling more anxious about their bodies than ever before, according to new research from The Dove Global Beauty and Confidence report.

In 2015, only 47% of women said that they were confident in their beauty, compared to 52% in 2010.

In order to promote positive self-esteem, Dove created the “My Beauty, My Say” campaign, which shares the stories of nine real, inspiring women who overcame the barriers society was placing on them because of how they look.

“These women refused to allow what others think about their appearance to stop them from achieving their goals in life,” explains Diane Laberge, Marketing Director at Unilever Canada.

One of the real women showcased in the #MyBeautyMySay campaign is Heather, a 26-year old boxer from the Bronx.  “They said…I was too pretty to fight,” she shares in the moving commercial.  “I said…my face has nothing to do with my boxing.” To date, Heather’s won four professional boxing championships.

Since we can all use a boost in our self-esteem, holistic nutritionist and life coach, Ana Alexandre shares four ways we can all become more self-confident in our own skin.

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1. Turn Up the Positive

It can be hard to silence our self-criticism. Even Alexandre can relate to thinking negatively about her body.  She recalls a time when she put on extra weight. “I was so upset when I couldn’t couldn’t drop the extra pounds or fit into some of my favourite clothes,” she says.

Instead of mourning the loss of her wardrobe, she decided to buy new shirts that accentuated her new curves and made her feel good about her body.

“The next time you find yourself in a negative situation, do anything you can to turn up the positive,” Alexandre says. Whether you’ll feel better by going for a run or listening to an uplifting song, make the conscious choice to lower your negativity and do something that makes you happy.

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2. Start Journaling

Journaling boosts self-awareness, which opens the door to a greater sense of self-esteem. “Get honest with yourself and write down everything that you’re thinking,” says Alexandre.

If you’re feeling stuck, start by writing down how you feel about the different areas in your life:  health, home, family, friendships, marriages or romantic relationships.

When you write down what you’re feeling, it’s so much easier to identify what you’re proud of and what areas you can improve on, Alexandre explains.

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3. Take Care of Yourself

The truth is, no matter how much weight we lose or what fitness goals we achieve, we’re never going to feel 100% confident in our bodies.  “There’s always going to be something we’re not happy with,” Alexandre explains.  And that’s OK! The trick is to love and care for the body you’re in now.

Get an endorphin boost by making sure you move every day, practice self-care and eat nutritious food (while still allowing treats!).

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4. Don’t Focus on Social Media

We’ve all lusted over how effortlessly flawless people seem to look like look on our Instagram feed, but it’s important to remember how much effort people go through to get that amazing photo.

Applying photo filters, using teeth whitening tools, and over-exaggerated poses (hello, fake laughs!) are just some of the things people can do to make sure they look their best online. “We’ve created this fakeness with social media,” Alexandre explains.  “We only show our perfect selves.”

Don’t expect yourself to adhere to the standards seen in the media or on your social feeds, warns Alexandre. And remember: real beauty comes from within, not a photo-editing app.


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