This Easy Brown Sugar Mochi Recipe Calls for Just 5 Ingredients

A recipe for brown sugar mochi, excerpted from the cookbook The Book of Sichuan Chili Crisp by Jing Gao

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This Vegan Sloppy Joe Dish Makes a Healthy Comfort Food

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This Must-Try Vegan Pasta Dish Unexpectedly Features Brussels Sprouts

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How to Incorporate More Beans and Plant-Based Proteins into Your Diet

Here's how to take the first steps of your plant-based, bean-filled journey.

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24 Plant-Based Dinner Recipes That Are Actually Satisfying

These plant-based dishes consist primarily of vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, nuts, and legumes. They're packed with nutrients and vitamins, and...

6 High-Protein Plant-Based Meals This Nutritionist Loves

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When it comes to your health, is eating soy bad for you? Experts explain the types of soy as well...

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Top 10 Plant-Based Food Trends for 2021

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Host a Plant-Based Thanksgiving With These 5 Vegan Recipes

Have a vegan guest? Ready to try a full-blown meatless feast? These plant-based Thanksgiving recipes will satisfy everyone—yes, even meat-eaters.

7 Plant-Based Meat Alternatives for People With Food Allergies

Registered dietitian Cynthia Sass shares the best plant-based proteins and meat alternatives for people with food allergies, including allergies to...

3 Ways to Swap Your Breakfast With a Healthy, Plant-Based Alternative

Food production accounts for one-quarter of greenhouse gas emissions, and meat accounts for more than half of those emissions. The...

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10 Plant-Based Staples from President’s Choice to Stock Up on for a Healthy New Year

From coconut-based yogurt for your breakfast parfait to veggie bites for entertaining to cheeseless cheesecake for dessert, these plant-based, time-saving...

3 Simple Tips for Eating More Plant-Based Foods

It's easier (and healthier) than you think to adopt a more plant-based diet. Here are three ways to do so....

3 Amazing Vegetarian Restaurants Have Opened in Toronto

A New York vegan chain, a Montreal-loved hotspot and an Israeli cafe-meets-restaurant have arrived in Toronto—and they aren’t the average...

These Plant-Based Products Are Having a Negative Impact on the Environment

Widespread adoption of a vegan diet could help stop global warming—but not all plant-based foods are eco-friendly.

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