3 Ways to Swap Your Breakfast With a Healthy, Plant-Based Alternative

Food production accounts for one-quarter of greenhouse gas emissions, and meat accounts for more than half of those emissions. The easiest way to have a feel-good meal is to swap in a plant-based alternative—starting with breakfast.

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Plant-Based Breakfast | tofu scramble
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Love eggs? Try a tofu scramble.

Replace traditional scrambled eggs with a tofu scramble for a savoury, protein-packed breakfast. Heat your pan with a drizzle of oil, crumble tofu and add spices like garlic powder,  turmeric and nutritional yeast.

Here are a few tips for eating more plant-based foods.

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Plant-Based Breakfast | Vegan Smoothie
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Prefer a smoothie? Make it vegan.

Ditch the whey protein powder you usually put in your smoothie for hemp hearts. You’ll still get about 10 grams of protein, but they’re packed with unprocessed nutritional good-ness like omega-3s, fibre and iron.

Check out the plant-based products that are actually having a negative impact on the environment.

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Plant-Based Breakfast | Plant-based yogurt
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Favour a parfait? Choose plant-based yogurt.

Swap in plant-based coconut yogurt with berries and granola, and trade honey for a drizzle of maple syrup. Don’t worry: You’ll still get the probiotic boost sans dairy.

Next, see the best sources of plant-based protein.

Originally Published in Best Health Canada

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