6 anti-aging yoga poses to keep you young (1/8)

Want to stay younger, for longer? Yoga can help get you there ' starting with these six anti-aging poses.

6 anti-aging yoga poses

Staying young with yoga

Mentally, getting old isn’t so bad. Physically, it seems like it’s all downhill after 18. We lose flexibility, balance and strength – especially once we hit our 30s – and the aches and pains pop up out of nowhere.


Want an easy way to keep your body in top shape as the decades roll by? Yoga might be your answer. It’s a low-impact way to strengthen and stretch and can be done anytime and just about anywhere. We asked Toronto yoga teacher Christine Felstead (our model for these photos) to guide us through some poses that will slow the aging process.


Ideally, do the whole sequence a few times a week up to daily at whatever time of day fits your schedule. Start by doing each pose for about five deep breaths and increase from there when you feel ready. If the whole sequence is too much, work the poses into your routine wherever they might fit. And if you’re feeling stressed – something that’s guaranteed to make you get older faster – or need a break during the sequence of poses, try child’s pose, pictured at left. Knees can be together or wider apart, and arms alongside the body as pictured or out in front. Focus on the breath moving in and out of the body, and let yourself relax.


As always, if you have any concerns about starting a new routine, speak to your doctor. And a qualified yoga teacher will be able to answer any questions about the details of the poses. And don’t forget to breathe!

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