Secrets of Truly Happy People (1/7)

What's stopping you from finding bliss? We've uncovered the six qualities that will help you embrace job and life happiness


The key to happiness

Many of us go to great lengths in search of joy, but the reality is, it lies close to home – usually deep within. In fact, the key to your happiness could be as simple as embracing who you are. As the late comedienne Lucille Ball once said: “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.”

Not comfortable putting yourself first? Then perhaps you’ll find joy in giving back to society.  According to Gandhi: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

The bottom line is, there are many routes to happiness, you just need to find the right one. For a lucky few, the ability to lead a joy-filled life is an accident of genetics. But for the bulk of us, it takes conscious effort. Happiness doesn’t just happen – like anything we want in life, we have to work for it.

The good news is that we have a lot of control over the thoughts and actions that can crank up the joy dial in our lives. And it’s worth making the effort to increase the volume – joy is what gives life meaning, helps us through the rough spots, inspires us to do wonderful things and brings inner peace.

When did you last jump for joy, literally or figuratively? Maybe the time has come to make the leap to a life that feels more abundant with delight. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that by rekindling a single quality that you’ve lost touch with, you can reawaken happiness.

So, what qualities make the cut? Here are our top six picks, complete with stories from real women who learned how to get their bliss on.

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Secrets to Staying Healthy & Happy


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