3 ways to make online dating work for you (1/5)

Can a grown woman really find love online? Yes. Here's how

online dating

Does online dating really work?

Marriages that began with a click on an Internet profile are increasingly common. Why? Because adults today tend to have a limited social world, at least in terms of old-fashioned face-to-face con­tact. We work, we parent, we sometimes see our girlfriends, and we don’t get out for much else. We bank and order groceries online; we send texts rather than talk. We may seem more connected—but we’re actually more isolated than ever. So how’s a girl ever going to meet a guy? Forget going to the bar, honey; get thee to thy laptop.

Internet dating works. I know, because I’ve done it. Yes indeed, the relationships and sexuality expert found herself single after a long-term relationship ended (go figure). How the heck was I going to meet men? I live in a small community where it seems like all of the eligible bachelors are my patients! I can’t date them. So with a great deal of skepticism, I tried the online dating thing. I had some fun, met some good men, had a few lousy dates—and, most importantly, I survived. So here is my Internet dating advice from the front lines.

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