Which Canadians live the longest?

The average Canadian will live to be about 81 years old'but which province boasts the longest lifespan? Read on to find out which Canadians live the longest

Which Canadians live the longest?

Source: Best Health Magazine, Summer 2010

According to the latest research from Statistics Canada, the average Canadian will live to be about 81 years old (men 78, women 83). And once you reach 65, life expectancy is about 85 (men 83, women 86). Here are the stats across the country.     





Province ———— Women (At birth) —— Women (At age 65) —– Men (At birth) —— Men (At age 65)

British Columbia                  84                                    87                                79                               84

Alberta                                 83                                    87                                78                               83

Saskatchewan                     82                                    86                                77                               83

Manitoba                             82                                     86                                77                               83

Ontario                                83                                     86                                79                               83

Quebec                               83                                     86                                78                               83

New Brunswick                   83                                     86                                77                               83

Nova Scotia                        82                                     86                                77                               82

Prince Edward Island         83                                      86                               78                               83

and Labrador                      81                                     85                                76                               81

Yukon, Northwest
Territories and Nunavut      79                                     84                                73                               80

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