5 Bad Work Habits to Kick in 2016

Your habits during office hours can make or break your health regimen. Leave these bad nine-to-five habits behind to boost your well-being

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If you work a nine-to-five office job, chances are you spend a large portion of your day stationed at your desk.

That’s bad news for your health, especially if you sit on your commute and on the couch at night, too.

A recent study published in the journal PLOS Medicine shows that people who sleep too much (more than nine hours a night), sit too much (more than seven hours a day) and aren’t physically active enough (less than 150 minutes a week) are four times more likely to die early than people who skip these bad habits.

The good news: there’s room to improve. Some simple ways to kick your sitting habit are to make walking, taking the stairs and regular exercise a part of your daily life. You may have to sit at your desk for most of the workday, but washroom breaks, stretch breaks and a long walk break at lunch can make all the difference. You can also make your commute healthier with these easy ideas.

Even better: Get a standing desk and reduce your risk of ‘sitting disease.’

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