4 key nutrients for optimal health and happiness (1/5)

Are you deficient in any of these vitamins and minerals? Here's why it's so important to get enough

By Dr. Susan Biali

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Essential nutrition for women

I’ve been in love with nutrition for over a quarter century now. I got a degree in dietetics before going to medical school, and after becoming a doctor I wrote a monthly nutrition column for The Medical Post, a newspaper for physicians.

Despite my background, even I still find it challenging to navigate nutritional trends. Fads come and go, and new research regularly turns “tried-and-true” principles upside down.

That said, there are four key nutrients that have been shown to be important to women’s health. Many women have low levels, and are unaware they need more than they are getting. (Keep in mind that there may also be other nutrients you need, so ask your doctor.)

I always recommend getting vitamins and minerals from whole foods whenever possible. However, in some cases—including the following nutrients—supplements may be necessary to achieve the right levels.

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