Find the best sports bra for you (1/7)

A good sports bra is essential to a comfortable workout. Find the right sports bra for you'from A-cup to plus-size'with Best Health's guide to shopping for sports bras


Your best sports bra is out there

We know proper bra support is important if we want to maintain our perky… personalities… for as long as possible. And of course we know that sports-bra support is crucial when it comes to high-impact fitness activity such as running or Ultimate Frisbee, because the constant bounce strains breast ligaments and increases the possibility of Future Sag. (For his female clients, celeb trainer Harley Pasternak actually suggests high intensity walking instead of running for that reason!)

Yet how often do we see women running along without adequate stability gear (ouch)? The following tips on what to look for in a good sports bra should help—share them with your active sisters.

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