9 moves for strong, sexy legs (1/13)

Do these leg moves inside or out'you'll see results either way (we promise)


Get stronger now

Leg muscles are actually pretty easy to tone up quickly. So we asked certified fitness instructor Amanda Vogel to round up three routines to firm your thighs, calves and butt. Do one or two of the routines, two or three sets of each exercise. Work out three to four times per week, ensuring at least a day’s rest in between. Since we’ve included exercises for both outside and in, the workout is flexible enough that you can tone up your legs even while on vacation. No excuses!

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Secrets to Staying Healthy & Happy

Trying to stay motivated

I recently went away for a holiday with every intention of not gaining weight, getting lots of rest and coming home rested, relaxed and ready to tackle the holiday full on. I came home five pounds heavier (not easy to avoid with copious food and drink at every turn) but I’m actively taking the advice […]


Fitness trend: Marathon running

Running marathons isn’t just for seasoned athletes. Anyone can learn to run and try this fitness trend. For one mother and daughter, it’s not only a way to stay in shape, but also a way to stay connected to each other.

Sardine, tomato and olive pasta

Brilliant for a midweek meal, this punchy pasta dish uses heart-healthy oily fish with a mixture of popular deli foods – salami, olives and sun-dried tomatoes – for speed and convenience.