9 fruits and vegetables that help prevent high cholesterol (1/8)

Fruits and veggies are full of cholesterol-lowering antioxidants that will help keep you healthy. Check out these fruits and veggies that are most likely to keep your cholesterol in check



Cabbage is rich in powerful antioxidants. Try a red cabbage and kale salad, with garlic, a pinch of brown sugar and a dash of orange juice.

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Links roundup: August 22

Some interesting stories from around the web this week:From The Tyee, why is the Canadian media so demanding of our athletes?From the Globe and Mail, how to garden in Inuvik.Some talk about peanut allergies: Grace at Kids Health Notes discusses recent peanut bans in schools, and shares her personal perspective on living with a child […]


News: High levels of toxic chemicals found in common cosmetics

Before you apply the hottest new hue of lipstick, you might want to consider the chemicals that lurk inside it.A new study from the University of California, Berkeley’s School of Public Health, which tested 32 common lipsticks and lip glosses, found lead, cadmium, chromium and aluminum – among other metals, at levels that could be […]

Step into the light!

Sunbathers rejoice! A recent study helps support the notion that vitamin D is essential for good health… so why should sun seekers celebrate? Because the main source of vitamin D is – you guessed it—the sun!According to a newly published study in the June 23 issue of the journal Archives of Internal Medicine, people with […]