11 fun and easy ways to boost heart health (1/12)

Is it possible for health and fun to go hand-in-hand? When it involves chocolate, yes. Check out these fun (seriously) ways to boost your heart health


Protect yourself from heart disease

Death rates from cardiovascular disease (CVD) have been falling in Canada since the 1950s. And our death rate from stroke is one of the lowest in the world. That’s the good news. The bad news: It’s still a major killer for Canad­ians. The Heart & Stroke Foundation says that someone dies every seven minutes from heart disease or stroke. CVD accounts for 28 percent of male deaths and almost 30 percent of female deaths—it’s the leading cause of death for women. (Yes, more woman die from it than from cancer.) But there are changes you can make to limit your risk and get a big dose of prevention. We’ve found 11 of them—and they’re all pretty painless.

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Secrets to Staying Healthy & Happy


I tried it: P90X, month one

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