3 foods that are bad for your skin (1/4)

Your diet could be taking its toll on your skin. Find out what foods to avoid

foods bad for skin

Watch what you eat

The influence of nutrition on the skin is really underestimated, says Alan Logan, a naturopathic doctor and author of The Clear Skin Diet (Cumberland House). “Over the long term [poor diet] can influence the production of inflammatory chemicals in the skin that could lead to acne and other skin conditions,” says Logan. “According to research, that could translate into higher risk of developing fine lines and wrinkles.” Cut back on these three foods to help your skin look younger and healthier.

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News: Tomatoes linked to lower stroke risk

If you’re feeling guilty about your propensity for late-night pizza benders, a new study will clear your conscience. The study, published in the journal Neurology, found that men with the highest levels of lycopene (found in tomatoes) had a significantly reduced risk of stroke. Luckily for lovers of Italian cuisine, lycopene levels are highest in […]


The Simplest Tender Greens

These methods are especially well suited to those quick-cooking greens, such as spinach, young chard, and wild spinach, although tougher greens, like kale, can also be treated this way if simply cooked a bit longer.

Linguine with crab

This dish bursts with the colour and flavour of fresh herbs, zesty lemon and piquant chili that enhance the sweet crabmeat and pasta. It’s an all-round star because it’s so easy to make in the time that it takes to cook the pasta.