These Beauty Apps Will Change How You Shop for Makeup and Hair Colour

Thanks to these two beauty apps, you can trial hair colour and lipstick shades before you ever make a purchase

Matrix-Color---Beauty-AppsMatrix Color Studio

Some beauty brands are coming up with innovative ways to “try before you buy” – or in some cases, “try before you dye.” Read on to learn about two beauty apps you’re about to become obsessed with.

Matrix Color Lounge

The Matrix Color Lounge app (available on the App Store and Google Play), allows you to try a new hair colour, with no commitment and no accidental dye jobs. Simply download the app, click Virtual Makeover and upload a picture of yourself with your hair visible. Then select a base shade and an application technique to “try on” as many colours as you’d like.

Sephora---Beauty-AppsSephora To Go

Sephora Virtual Artist

For makeup, turn to the Sephora to Go app (also available on the App Store and Google Play) and select the Virtual Artist option. The camera screen will display your face and magically turn your lips the shade of the lipstick or lipgloss selected. You can try on hundreds of shades and save your favourites to purchase now, or later.

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