Cult Beauty Fave Consonant Skincare Launches Retail Partnership with

Canadian skincare brand Consonant is expanding its reach. Their all-natural skincare line is now available at

Cult Beauty Fave Consonant Skincare Launches Retail Partnership with

Consonant Skincare has made a name for itself among Canadian beauty editors, with many devotees (including myself and Best Health’s EIC Beth Thompson) to their HydrExtreme – an ultra-hydrating all-natural serum. The Canadian company produces 100 percent natural skincare products with the highest possible concentration of organic botanical ingredients. Until now, these products have been available online at, in two Toronto retail locations and in select speciality stores. Notice I said "until now." That’s right, Consonant is bringing its all-natural, Canadian-made products to the masses thanks to a retail partnership with

“Partnering with marks a shift in what people think of ‘green’ beauty brands. More and more, clients are looking for all-natural products that deliver amazing results and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce Consonant to shoppers,” said Bill Baker, founder and owner of Consonant Skincare.

To celebrate the partnership, Consonant has created a hydrating skincare kit called the HydrGasm ($99 at, which includes three of their skincare essentials (award-winning HydrExtreme, Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream and The Perfect Sunscreen). If you’re new to the brand, this is a great starter kit!

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