5 ways pears are good for your health (1/5)

Delicious and versatile, pears are also packed with good-for-you nutrients

pears with fibre

A fruit with fibre

With a pear’s smooth texture, you might not realize that a medium one delivers five grams of total fibre, for 20 percent of your daily needs. The flesh contains mostly soluble fibre (about three grams), including pectin, which lowers LDL, otherwise known as “bad” cholesterol. As well, a University of Illinois study published this year found that soluble fibre can boost the immune system: Mice fed soluble fibre as part of their diet became less sick and recovered faster than those fed insoluble fibre. Not that insoluble fibre, found mostly in a pear’s skin, is a bad thing—after all, it promotes healthy digestion and regularity.

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