The 4 worst foods you can eat

Improve your diet by limiting your consumption of four of the worst foods you can eat


1. Soft drinks

“[Soda pops contain] empty calories without any nutritional value,” says says Richard Béliveau, chair for cancer prevention and treatment at the University of Quebec in Montreal.

In his book, Eating Well, Living Well (McClelland & Stewart), Béliveau writes that Canadians drink 120 litres of soft drinks per year. With 30 g of sugar in each 350 mL bottle of Coke, we’re using a lot of unnecessary sweet stuff to wash down our meals.

But pop isn’t the only beverage that can sneak unnecessary calories into your diet. New research suggests that beverages such as alcohol and sweetened and unsweetened fruit drinks may account for a too-large proportion of our recommended daily calorie intake. In an 18-month study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, subjects consumed more than 350 of their daily calories from beverages-that’s about 20 percent of their total daily intake.

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