5 foods that will improve your mood (1/6)

Certain scents can have a powerful effect on our emotions. Here are five smells'and accompanying foods'that will help you feel better, fast

happy berries

The power of scent

Close your eyes and pretend you smell freshly baked bread or warm chocolate chip cookies. If you feel joyful or calm, then those foods are your happy triggers—they have immediate “feel good” effects on your brain.

“Our ‘smell’ receptors are connected to the limbic system in the brain, which is connected to our emotions and even our long-term memories,” says B.C.-based wellness expert Dr. Susan Biali, author of Your Prescription for Life: 7 Steps to a Healthier, Happier You (Beaufort Books, January 2010). “Pleasant smells that are associated with positive memories are likely to trigger positive emotions.”

It’s not just positive associations or memories that trigger happy moods; some smells actually affect the neurochemical balance in our brain and change our emotions. Ready to feel happier, instantly? Check out these five scent-alicious foods proven to trigger happy moods.

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