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Here’s where you’ll find ways to help take care of your mental health. We’ve got the science behind why crying is good for you, learn meditation tips and what to do when you feel lonely.

News: Anorexic mother weighs less than her 7-year-old daughter

Rebecca Jones has suffered from anorexia for half her life and weighs less than her 7-year-old daughter Maisy. The 5-1

Is food addiction real?

Treating food addiction, a mental illness associated with anxiety and trauma, requires treating both mind and body

Are you an exercise addict?

If your life revolves around working out, you may need treatment for exercise addiction

4 surprising new facts about mental health

Did you know stress could be genetic? Results from the newest mental health research might surprise you

How to get over your fear of flying

Does the idea of having to fly leave you terrified? You may not fall in love with flying, but these...

5 reasons why we feel fear

Overcome your nerves and worry by recognizing what makes your phobias tick

What is orthorexia?

If you or someone you know is obsessed with healthy foods, they could be suffering from disordered eating

Mental health: How to cope with anxiety and depression

Do you need help to cope with depression or anxiety? Read on for tips on how to tell if you're...

Saved by shock therapy

One woman shares her struggle with a sudden mental illness and how shock therapy saved her life

How gardening heals

While caring for her ailing father, a journalist and her family have discovered how gardening can do wonders for your...

Eating disorders: How a personal trainer won her battle with food

Overcoming an eating disorder can be a long and painful battle. Here's how one personal trainer won her fight with...

How to boost your self-esteem

These practical tips will help you achieve better self-esteem in your midlife

Quiz: Are you happy?

Take our quiz to find out how happy you really are with your life

The Health Benefits of Meditation

Science shows meditation offers many health benefits, including making you healthier and happier. Here's how meditation helped one couple cope

3 keys to happiness

Renowned spirituality and self-help guru Deepak Chopra reveals the secret to finding happiness and fulfillment

4 signs you’re an Internet addict

Sure, we all use the Internet constantly these days'but an unhealthy addiction to the Internet is a very real health...

5 steps to positive thinking

Use the power of positive thinking to pull yourself out of a bad mood

Depression in men: Symptoms and treatment

Depression is debilitating, and can often go undiagnosed in men. Here's how to spot it and how to help

How to find the best therapist for you

If you're looking for help with depression or other emotional issues, visiting a therapist for counselling is a proven option....

New treatments for depression

Antidepressants do work. So do some surprising new depression treatments

How light therapy can help seasonal affective disorder

Seasonal affective disorder and its milder form, the "winter blues," affect millions of Canadians. Find out how light therapy can...

Anxiety: Symptoms and treatment

Are you worried all the time? It could be an anxiety disorder. Learn about the symptoms of anxiety and how...

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Diabetes and depression

Mind over matter or physiological fact? This is the dilemma facing the many researchers investigating the link between type 2

How Walking Meditation Can Improve Your Mental Health

Walking meditation is ideal for people who find it difficult to stay still, meditation beginners, and even highly decorated athletes....