How to Go 5 Days Without Washing Your Hair

Your hair will look so much better.

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How to Wash Your Hair Less Often

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Ask anyone who started washing their hair less often and you’ll hear that their locks have never looked better. If you do the same, you’ll notice your hair will look healthy and polished with very little work. Plus it’s better for the environment because you’re using less water and it will save you time.

Interested in giving it a try? We do, so we asked celebrity hairstylist and Garnier Canada hair expert, Roger Medina, about how you can go from day-two hair, to day-three, day-four and even day-five hair. Here’s how to make your freshly washed hair last from Sunday morning to Thursday night with Medina’s five-day hair schedule.

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Simply wash your hair as you would normally and curl it.

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Use dry shampoo to revive limp locks and leave your hair down.

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Put your hair in a fun bun. Follow our best tips on how to style your hair into a messy bun here.

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Style your hair into a chic ponytail.

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Make two cute braids on either side of your head and pin them into a halo. Wash your hair tonight or the next morning.

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