Staff tested: Dry shampoos

Whether you want to touch up after a workout or just get away with sleeping in a little longer, dry shampoos promise to absorb oil and revive listless locks. We skipped a wash or two to test out these ones

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Bumble and Bumble Prêt-à-powder

I wash my hair only two or three times a week (I hate blow-drying), so dry shampoos are already part of my routine. I’ve always used sprays; this shake-on format was new to me. Once I managed to get the right amount of powder in the right places-not all over my shirt-it gave tons of volume and held much longer than others I’ve tried. I’ll be using this again even on freshly washed hair for a body and texture boost.

-Jennifer Masseau, Associate Editor, Beauty & Fashion

Bumble and Bumble Prêt-à-powder ($31, 56 g)

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Salon Selectives Fresh ‘n Up Dry Shampoo

I used this to extend the life of a blowout and, boy, it really did make my hair bounce back. I’ve never used a dry shampoo before, so I was a little blown away. The spray has a very noticeable scent (which I happened to like) when it first comes out of the can, but the fragrance softens once the product hits the hair.

-Rhonda Rovan, Editor-at-Large, Beauty & Fashion

Salon Selectives  Fresh ‘n Up Dry Shampoo ($4, 150 mL)

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Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo

Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo

If I could sum up this product in just one word it would be “refreshing.” The lemony scent is perfect for those mornings when I need a little boost to wake up. I love that it’s handmade and says “vegan” right on the label. The best part is that it really works. On day 3 of no washing-which for my fine hair is a long time-I rubbed a few shakes of this powdery stuff into my hair, starting at the roots. The result? Grease-free, freshly-washed-looking hair.

-Katharine Watts, Associate Web Editor

Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo ($14, 130 g)

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Cake Satin Sugar Glistening Dry Shampoo & Body Powder

This has a very mild, pleasant scent, a bit like sugar cookies. I sprinkled some of the fine powder onto my part, then gently worked it through with my fingertips. I added more along my hair line at the sides and back, and used a brush to blend it in. The powder helped refresh my hair for the day. It can also be used on the body, so I sprinkled some all over before getting dressed, and it made my skin feel super-soft.

-Jennifer Walker, Deputy Editor

Cake Satin Sugar Glistening Dry Shampoo & Body Powder
($20, 50 g)

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Garnier Fructis Volume Extend Instant Bodifier Dry Shampoo

I used this on a morning that I had to go straight to the office after a workout-no chance to wash and dry my flattened hair. I sprayed it on top of my head at the roots, and flipped my hair upside down to get underneath. After quickly running a brush through, my hair was super-soft and had much better volume. I tamed my fringe and fly-aways with a
bit of hairspray and was ready for the day.

-Melissa Greer, Content Producer

Garnier Fructis Volume Extend Instant Bodifier Dry Shampoo
($7, 96 g)

6 / 9

Dove Refresh + Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo

My hair has been dry and frizzy due to the cold weather, and too much washing was probably making it worse. So I was definitely interested in trying out a dry shampoo. I was worried that it was going to feel heavy on my hair, but this was surprisingly light. It’s made my life so much easier not having to wash every other day, and less-frequent washing is giving my hair a chance to recover.

-Stephanie Han, Art Director

Dove Refresh + Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo ($8, 142 g)

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Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Refresh Dust

I tried this on a cold day when my hair, which is wavy in summer but flat in winter, was at its least lively. I followed the package instructions to shake it very well, then, with my head upside down, I sprayed in short bursts near the roots, fluffing up my hair as I went. I flipped my head back up and my hair really had a super amount of body. (The ’80s look is back, isn’t it?) It was my first time using a dry shampoo and it was definitely a surprise success!

-Bonnie Munday, Editor-in-Chief

Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Refresh Dust ($26, 300 mL)

8 / 9

L’Oréal Professionnel Tecniart Fresh Dust

Please-give me anything that saves me a few minutes in the morning. This product did the trick, and also pumped up my bed-head with some extra volume. I’m not normally keen on styling products-having been a victim of hairstylists who have sprayed my hair into a helmet that you could bounce a brick off-so I was relieved that this dry shampoo had a gentle hold, and a light fragrance.

-Ruth Hanley, Copy Chief

L’Oréal Professionnel Tecniart Fresh Dust ($21, 150 mL)

9 / 9

Göt2b Rockin’it Encore Fresh Dry Shampoo

I used this on a morning when I didn’t have a lot of time. After I sprayed short bursts of it all over my dark-brown hair, I was a bit alarmed to see that the white powder was noticeable. But it dis­appeared when I worked it into the roots and brushed out my hair. I loved the results: My hair looked refreshed and had more volume. I liked
the scent, too; it was strong at first, but faded within minutes.

-Joana Lourenço, Associate Editor

Göt2b Rockin’it Encore Fresh Dry Shampoo ($8, 122 g)

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