How Damaged Is Your Hair?

Good hair days are just ahead. The new Pro Fiber line is a long-lasting haircare treatment that replenishes dry hair

How Damaged Is Your Hair?

Month after month, the top search terms when it comes to hair are always “soft hair,” “healthy hair” and “dry hair.” And there’s good reason for that. Between sun exposure, chemical processing, blowdrying and the use of heat-styling tools, there’s no doubt that our hair is damaged. But one mask or deep-conditioning treatment isn’t going to cut it.

Enter L’Oréal Professionnel’s new Pro Fiber line. This long-lasting haircare treatment is what the brand is calling their “greatest breakthrough since inoa.” The key ingredient in Pro Fiber is APTYL 100, a technology that is able to anchor molecules to hair for a prolonged amount of time. Whereas a typical salon treatment would likely wash-out the next time you shampoo, the Pro Fiber treatment remains present on the hair for up to four shampoos. And, using an at-home “Re-Charge” treatment ($35 for a box of six) on that fourth shampoo will actually reactivate the benefits. So, your in-salon restorative treatment has the potential to last for as many as six weeks!

If you’re curious as to your level of hair damage, check out the new Pro Fiber Consultation App (available on the App Store and Google Play). The app will help your hair stylist evaluate and diagnose your needs, while also creating a personalized hair profile.

The Pro Fiber line will be available exclusively in L’Oréal Professionnel salons. Since there are three levels of treatment programs, it’s recommended that a hair stylist identify the degree of damage and prescribe the appropriate treatment.