7 Healthy Pantry Essentials That Should Always Be In Your Kitchen

Not all packaged foods are unhealthy.

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Must-Have Pantry Staples

You can’t beat the convenience of processed and packaged foods. If you’re a smart consumer and read labels closely, packaged foods can still play a role in your healthy, budget-conscious diet. Here are seven packaged pantry staples you should always have in your kitchen for quick, nutritious meals and snacks.

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 Low-Sodium Veggie or Chicken broth

Sure, you can make your own, but who’s got time? If you have a carton of broth in the cupboard, all you need is garlic or onion, your favourite veggies and canned beans to throw together a quick and nutritious immunity-boosting soup.

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Whole-Grain Pasta

Dried pasta can provide the basis for a multitude of quick meals. Look for 100 percent whole durum wheat semolina, brown rice or other whole-grain alternatives.

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Canned Beans

Beans provide a cheap, good-quality source of protein, iron and fibre. Just rinse the canned version well before using.

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Canned Tomatoes

The fire-roasted and Italian seasoned varieties add instant zip to pasta sauces and chilis.

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 Whole Wheat Pitas

Keep a bag in your freezer for pita pizzas, wraps or hummus and veggie lunch pockets.

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Natural Jarred Pasta Sauce

You’ll find loads of choices without added sugar in the natural foods area of your grocery store. Use it to whip up a last-minute pizza or pasta dish in a jiffy.

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Snack Bars With Whole Ingredients

Read the labels carefully and you can find bars loaded with nuts, dates and oats – and little else. These are as close to homemade as you can get!

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