8 Energy Ball Recipes That Are Super Easy to Make In Advance

Consider this week's workout snacks handled.

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Almond Butter Energy Balls

These blissful protein balls of yumminess take about 15 minutes to make and there’s no baking involved. How sweet is that? (Find out exactly what you should be eating on days you workout.)

Get the recipe for our Almond Butter Energy Bites.

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Orange Truffle Energy Balls

The best treat to indulge in after a good sweat sesh. They’re gooey and indulgent with an ever-so-slightly chewy texture inside and a crunchy outside.

Get the recipe for our Orange Truffle Energy Bites.

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Lime and Coconut Energy Balls

Tangy lime provides vitamin C to support collagen synthesis for healthy skin and hair. Learn more on what collagen can do for your body.

Get the recipe for our Lime and Coconut Energy Bites.

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Peanut Power Energy Balls

Instead of a taking store-bought energy bars on your next hike, try these homemade peanut protein balls. They taste great, transport beautifully without crumbling and are a lot less expensive when you make them yourself.

Get the recipe for our Peanut Power Bites.

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Chlorella Cacao Energy Balls

These little balls of power are amazing at staving off hunger, giving you that chocolate fix and also a good dose of protein. They are great as an afternoon snack or a pre-workout pick-me-up.

Get the recipe for our Chlorella Cacao Bites.

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Chocolate Coconut Truffle Energy Balls

When the craving hits, make sure you’re fully stocked up on these vegan-approved two-bite protein balls.

Get the recipe for our Truffle Energy Bites.

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PB and Honey Trail Mix Energy Balls

These ooey, gooey and crunchy trail mix bites travel really well. For best results, use natural creamy peanut butter.

Get the recipe for our Trail Mix Bites.

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Coconut-Covered Chocolate Energy Balls

Don’t leave home without these no-bake energy treats, which pack nuts, oats and seeds for instant snack gratification.

Get the recipe for our Snowball Energy Bites.

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