Travel-Friendly Clean Beauty Products for Your Vacation

These mini (or conveniently compact) beauty must-haves are begging to accompany you on your upcoming travels (and ready to slip right through airport security). Plus, they're made with green and natural ingredients, so you can feel good about using them.

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Cleansing Cloths

These cleansing cloths are soaked in natural ingredients like jojoba oil and sunflower seed honey and don’t require any water. Use them to clean your face in the morning or wash off your makeup at night. Since they’re biodegradable, you can plant or compost the cloth post-use, and it’ll disappear within a few months. (Did you know that dermatologists don’t recommend using face cloths or loofahs?)

Kaia Naturals Juicy Bamboo Cleansing Cloths To-Go, $20,

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Skin-Care Essentials

This goop by Juice Beauty set includes a clean day moisturizer, face oil, night cream, and the infamous exfoliating instant facial that GP swears she uses every night and is partly responsible for her glowing complexion. (Learn about parabens and if it’s important to avoid them.)

Goop Discovery Set, $175,

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Tinted Moisturizer with SPF

This do-all moisturizer isn’t a mini, but since it acts as a cream, sunscreen, and foundation, it definitely deserves to be included in this travel-friendly product roundup. This SPF 20 offers hydration, sheer coverage, and a smooth-looking complexion. (If you’re looking for SPF for your entire body, check out our roundup of the best mineral sunscreens available in Canada.)

Beautycounter, Dew Skin Moisturizer Coverage, $48,

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Potted Concealer

Again, this isn’t a mini per se, but it’s compact and can hide many skin “imperfections,” such as dark circles, blemishes, and acne scars. Coming in a pot, it’s virtually fuss-free and can be applied conveniently with the tip of a finger.

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Perfecting Concealer, $35,

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Eyebrow Pencil

This pencil has such a fine tip, it can be used to draw hair-like strokes to make eyebrows look a little fuller but still natural. The opposite end comes with a comb for taming strays and guiding brows into place.

Kimiko Beauty Super Fine Eyebrow Pencil Automatique, $35,

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Whether you’re headed to a hot destination or have a more oily complexion, a travel-friendly powder compact is a convenient and surefire way to eliminate shine while keeping makeup in place.

Mineral Fusion Setting Powder, $39,

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If Bardot-like eyes are your thing, reach for this stay-all-day eye pencil that won’t cause irritation.

Alima Pure Natural Definition Eye Pencil, $23,

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Lengthen and intensify lashes with this petite mascara tube. The formula is light and offers a natural look—no flakes or clumps here.

Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara, $18,

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Lip and Cheek Cream

This hydrating product comes in ten different shades and gives both lips and cheeks a touch of colour and a delicious sheen. (You’ll also need a lip balm with SPF.)

RMS Beauty, Lip2Cheek, $45,

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Lip and Cheek Balm

This lip and cheek tint comes in an easy-to-use chunky stick formula (so it won’t get all over your fingers and whatever you’re wearing) and seven different shades. Like the product above, it’ll hydrate and add colour and shimmer to lips and cheeks.

Olio E Ossi Balm, $32.92,

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Lips, Cheeks, Lids Stick

Another easy-to-use tint, this Vapour stick offers colour for lips, cheeks, and eyelids. It comes in six shades, and the colour can be built up for a more intense look.

Vapour Aura Multi-Use Stain, $45,

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One of the hobbies all of us BH editors seem to have is testing natural deodorants. My go-to is Schmidt’s, and the Rose and Vanilla scent is my favourite. It neutralizes odour and helps to minimize wetness. (However, like most natural deodorants, it’s best not to wear it with silk garments as the formula can cause stains that are impossible to remove.)

Schmidt Deodorant Rose & Vanilla Travel Size, $5.83,

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This toothpaste is made with sea salt, which is said to clean teeth naturally and also whiten. A touch of peppermint in the formula ensures you’re left with that minty-fresh taste.

Weleda Salt Toothpaste, $4.29,

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Instead of nylon bristles, this brush is made with a plant-based alternative, which is soft and gentle on teeth and gums. The base of the brush is made of bamboo—a natural anti-bacterial, -fungal, and -microbial material.

Brush With Bamboo, $10,

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The lead ingredient in this soap is French pink clay—it nourishes the skin while drawing out impurities. It also boasts geranium essential oil, which delivers a delicate floral scent.

Herbivore Pink Clay Cleansing Bar Soap, $15,

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This fruity shampoo (it’s made with strawberries and oranges) probably addresses all of the hair concerns you may be facing: dull, dry hair, and an irritated scalp. It cleanses hair while providing hydration, offering a glossy look to strands and soothing the scalp.

Sudsatorium Strawberry Fields Forever Shampoo, $13,

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Prone to greasy locks? Here’s a conditioner that’ll make your hair soft and silky without weighing it down. (See other ways to care for your hair.)

Sudsatorium I Drink Your Milkshake! Conditioner, $13,

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Body Must-haves

Burt’s Bees’ kit of essentials includes a cleansing cream, hand cream, body lotion, foot cream, and lip balm, so you can keep every inch of your skin cleansed, nourished, and protected.

Burt’s Bees Essential Body Kit, $15,

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