3 Simple Steps to A Healthier Scalp

You could be using the wrong shampoo.

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Great hair starts with a healthy scalp

Healthy scalp step #1: Get expert advice

When your scalp is behaving badly it’s best to see a professional first. “If someone is complaining of a red, scaly scalp, that could represent something completely banal, like dandruff, or an allergic contact dermatitis to a derivative in their shampoo, or psoriasis, or other autoimmune skin disorders which can lead to inflammation and even scarring of the scalp,” says Dr. David N. Adam, a board-certified dermatologist and president of the Dermatology Association of Ontario. A visit to a qualified medical expert can diagnose the condition and bring you closer to a healthy scalp.

Healthy scalp step #2: Label yourself

To address itching and flaking, choose cleansing products that list tried-and-tested active ingredients, such as zinc pyrithione or selenium sulfide. With herbal-based shampoos or natural products you have a much higher chance of causing irritation than with a consumer-directed product that’s gone through rigorous testing and quality control, says Dr. Adam.

Healthy scalp step #3: Have management issues

Most common scalp issues are chronic, so staying on top of a treatment is the best defense. “Head & Shoulders has run a number of clinical studies and discovered that three days is the optimal frequency of washing hair — because the benefits for the scalp can be seen and desired results are not compromised,” says Rolanda J. Wilkerson, who is senior manager of scientific communications for the brand. Reducing irritation can have benefits beyond the scalp, too. Read on to find out which shampoos are sure to turn your scalp around.

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Best shampoo for deep moisture

Micro zinc mineral particles and avocado oil deal with dandruff while leaving hair hydrated. These 5 sneaky reasons might be why you suddenly have dandruff.

Head & Shoulders Deep Moisture Shampoo, $7 at mass retailers.

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Healthy Scalp, hair products
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Best shampoo for itch relief

Blended with active ingredients plus coconut oil and shea butter to address dryness. Here are some more reasons why your scalp might be itchy.

Dove Dermacare Anti-Dandruff Dryness & Itch Relief Shampoo, $8 at mass retailers.

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