8 Hiking Snack Recipe Ideas to Keep You Energized On The Trail

Forget pre-packed snacks! We’ve got you covered with healthy recipes for foods that are easy to carry in your backpack.

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Hiking snacks: woman with a backpack hitting the trail
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Eat healthy on the trail

With the weather getting warmer, hikes are are a fun way to enjoy spring – but don’t get tempted to pack unhealthy snacks in your backpack. Cut the calories by making your own healthy trail mixes and snacks. Here are some recipes that will keep you energized.

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hiking snacks: peanut power balls in a dish
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Peanut Power Balls

Instead of buying expensive and sugary pre-packaged snacks, try these homemade peanut power balls. They taste great, transport beautifully without crumbling and are a lot less expensive when you make them yourself.

Get the hiking snack recipe: Peanut Power Balls

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hiking snacks: a handful of walnut trail mix
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Walnut Trail Mix

The heart-healthy goodness of omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients in this walnut trail mix makes it an optimal high-energy snack for the afternoon.

Get the hiking snack recipe: Walnut Trail Mix.

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Hiking snacks: Indian spiced trail mix
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Indian Spiced Party Mix

This spiced party mix is bound to be a hit with your hiking pals, with a simple combination of walnuts and your favourite snack bites, all dressed up with Indian curry paste.

Get the hiking snack recipe: Indian Spiced Party Mix.

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hiking snacks: maple cinnamon roasted almonds
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Maple Cinnamon Roasted Almonds

These roasted almonds, flavoured with sweet maple syrup and spicy cinnamon, are quick and easy to prepare and taste delicious.

Get the hiking snack recipe: Maple Cinnamon Roasted Almonds.

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hiking snacks: ginger pear energy bars
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Ginger Pear Energy Bars

Ginger and pear make a refreshing, crisp-tasting energy bar with lots of nutrients. Ginger helps fight inflammation and improve digestion.

Get the healthy hiking snack recipe: Ginger Pear Energy Bars.

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Hiking snacks: almond chickpea power mix
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Almond and Chickpea Power Mix

Almonds and chickpeas flavoured with herbs and dried fruit make for a tasty snack that will help fill you up so you can last the trail.

Get the healthy hiking snack recipe: Almond and Chickpea Power Mix.

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Hiking snack: antioxidant berry granola
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Antioxidant Granola

Homemade granola is a delicious, quick snack. Try this flavourful combination of nuts, seeds and berries, and get a immune-system boost, too.

Get the healthy hiking snack recipe: Antioxidant Granola.

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hiking snacks: spiced walnuts
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Spiced Mayan Chocolate Coated Walnuts

This simple and flavourful mix adds a fiery kick of cayenne pepper to make spiced Mayan chocolate-coated walnuts a perfect snack for your backpack.

Get the healthy hiking snack recipe: Spiced Mayan Chocolate Coated Walnuts.

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