Healthy summer cocktail ideas

Spending a hot summer night on the patio with a few drinks? Skip extra calories and cut sugar with these healthy summer cocktail (and mocktail) ideas

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apple cranberry sangria

Apple Cranberry Sangria

To make this apple cranberry sangria recipe truly local, make sure to adapt the ingredients depending on what is available in your area. Perfect for a leisurely summer weekend, you can pick up a few ingredients with a morning trip to the farmers’ market and and relax in the evening with this homemade, refreshing drink.

Get the recipe: Apple Cranberry Sangria

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red pepper

La Belle Capsicum

Red bell pepper and herb liqueur add a unique touch to this Scotch-and-whisky cocktail that’s fit for the boys.

Get the recipe: La Belle Capsicum

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cherry mojito

Cherry Red Eye Mojito

This drink is an eye-catching twist on the classic mojito, perfect for cocktail hour or special occasion entertaining. It’s also heart-healthy, thanks to its use of antioxidant-rich cherry juice.

Get the recipe: Cherry Red Eye Mojito

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mango peach fizz

Mango, Peach and Apricot Fizz

A luscious combination of fruit puréed together with fizzy ginger ale, or with tonic, bitter lemon or sparkling mineral water, makes a wonderfully refreshing breakfast drink. Choose perfectly ripe fruit for the smoothest low-calorie drink and add a splash of your favourite mix (a flavoured vodka, perhaps?) for evening cocktails by the pool.

Get the recipe: Mango, Peach and Apricot Fizz

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red alert mocktail

Red Alert Mocktail

This drink is a blend of lip-smacking cherry juice with another trendy ingredient, coconut water, which is gaining popularity as a cooking ingredient and sports drink (for its high potassium and mineral content). This blend is great for cooling off after a workout or as a delicious, party-worthy mocktail.

Get the recipe: Red Alert Mocktail

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Elixir de Vie

Earl Grey tea adds depth to this fruity virgin cocktail of apple juice, blackberries and raspberries.

Get the recipe: Elixir de Vie

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moroccan sunshine

Moroccan Sunshine

Mix up a pitcher of this fruity virgin cocktail to refresh the whole family on a summer afternoon. (And if you top some glasses off with a shot of vodka, we won’t tell.)

Get the recipe: Moroccan Sunshine

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kiwi okarito

The Okarito

This alcoholic cocktail balances the tart flavour of kiwifruit, lime and rhubarb with the sweetness of apple juice and a vanilla simple syrup.

Get the recipe: The Okarito

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grapefruit cocktail

Il Pompelmo

Fresh pink grapefruit juice is muddled with thyme and shaken with whisky, grappa and other ingredients to make a gorgeous antioxidant-rich cocktail.

Get the recipe: Il Pompelmo

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Basil and Grape Rum Cocktail

While this particular cocktail was made with basil and grapes, you can easily substitute any fruit combination to suit your personal tastes. A great choice for the diet-conscious, this refreshing summer drinks clocks in at under 100 calories. Cheers!

Get the recipe: Basil and Grape Rum Cocktail

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sparkling cherry punch

Sparkling Red Cherry Punch

Sweeten your summer barbecues and parties with this festive punch made of cherry juice, orange juice and your favourite sparkling wine or champagne. Use sparkling water to make it alcohol free.

Get the recipe: Sparkling Red Cherry Punch

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Grapes of Life

This virgin cocktail is packed with antioxidants thanks to the Concord grapes and blueberries. Try freezing extra grapes to use as an icy garnish.

Get the recipe: Grapes of Life

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RD desserts

Don’t forget dessert!

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