Our best healthy apple recipes

Looking for something to cook with apples? Look no further than this collection of our best apple recipes

Our best healthy apple recipes

There’s nothing better than biting into a crisp, juicy apple straight off the tree…except, perhaps, a freshly baked apple pie or other delicious treat. Get inspiration for cooking with apples with this collection of our best apple recipes.

Dried-Fruit and Apple Strudel
Phyllo pastry may seem decadent, but this is a great way to get healthy dried fruits, nuts and spices into your day’think of it as a healthy treat. This simple but elegant dessert will wow any guest. (And swapping the butter for low-fat vegetable oil spray will help to reduce the guilt factor!)

Red Rustic Cherry Apple Tart
This freeform apple and cherry tart makes a nice change from classic pie. Use your favourite pie crust recipe if you have the extra time.

Apple Puff Pancake
This amazing apple puff pancake can be ready for the oven in no time,and it only takes 20 minutes to bake. It makes a great dessert or brunch.

Caramelized Apple Crêpes with Maple Syrup
If you don’t have maple syrup, top the caramelized apple crêpes with honey, which is available locally in most places.

Apple Cranberry Sangria
To make this a truly local recipe, make sure to adapt the ingredients depending on what is available in your area.

Apple-Walnut Pancakes with Spelt
Bring your family together on the weekend with homemade pancakes that blend the best flavours of Canada’s changing seasons: crisp, sweet apples and real maple syrup.

Apple Butter
A perfect condiment for toast, pancakes or fruit parfaits, Apple Butter is as versatile as it is delicious.

Apple and Potato Rösti
Sometimes cravings call for nothing but the buttery, warm goodness of homemade rösti. Indulge with our version, which adds sweet apples and fresh sage to the mix. Top with sour cream, chives and a good-quality smoked salmon or trout for an impressive appetizer or main dish.

Glazed Apple-Ricotta Tarts
Rich homemade pastry sets the stage for a creamy-sweet combination of ricotta cheese and caramelized apples. Infused with Calvados (apple brandy), they make the perfect sweet ending to your next dinner party.

Apple Spice Muffins
Craving some freshly baked goods? Make these fruity apple muffins in just 15 minutes.

Apple Chicken Roll-Up
These sweet and savoury snacks are the perfect lunch for those on a diet. They taste great and are virtually carb-free.

Whole Grain Crusted Apple Pie
Even when you’re baking a treat you can make healthy choices. This apple pie is full of whole grain goodness and as an added bonus you’ll find that the crust is easier to make than a normal pie crust.

Apple and Muesli Rock Cakes
A small amount of diced apple makes these cookies moist and fruity, and a perfect replacement for store-bought cookies. Easy to prepare, this recipe is ideal to make with children, who will enjoy making these nutritious treats as much as eating them.

Grilled Pork Chops with Apple-Almond Salsa
This fresh salsa combines fragrant rosemary, crunchy almonds, and sweet and tart apples. This recipe is easy to prepare and the unusual flavour combinations make it perfect for a dinner party.

Pork and Apple Stir-Fry
Serve this lean pork dish with brown rice and a glass of merlot.

Normandy Pork with Apples, Celery and Walnuts
Fresh and fruity, this casserole recipe comes from northwestern France, where cider apples grow in profusion. A dish of rice is cooked in the oven atthe same time, making this a very simple meal to prepare. Serve with green vegetables.

Brandy Chicken with Apples
Looking for a meal that can be on the table in 30 minutes yet is elegant enough to serve at a dinner party? This dish tastes like it came from a French bistro. Serve with wild rice and sautéed green beans.

Apple and Sprout Salad
The dressing for this vibrant salad, with tones of ginger, complements the flavours of the sprouts, apple and vegetables.

Flambéed Apple and Walnut Salad
This delicious cold-weather dessert is still light on calories.

Baked Apples with Currants
This simple dessert will fill your home with the aroma of baking apples. Serve with plain yogurt, or with whipped cream for a more decadent touch.

Crunchy Salad with Apples
The radish and apples give this salad a satisfying crunch. There’s no need to peel apples; their skin contains useful nutrients.

Squash and Apple Soup
You can garnish this autumnal puree with very thin, unpeeled apple slices or with sliced green onion.

Braised Cabbage with Apple and Mustard
A gorgeous complement to meats and fish, this earthy blend of cabbage and apple makes a great side dish.

What’s your favourite way to prepare apples? Share it with other readers in the comments below.


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