What Fit Women Actually Eat for Breakfast – And, No, They Don’t Skip It!

What do fit women really eat for breakfast? Well, it’s not a coffee. Instead, they opt for healthy breakfast ideas that keep them fit and energized.

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healthy breakfast ideas
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Instagram-worthy healthy breakfast ideas

You’ve heard it said so many times – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why then do many of us barely have the time to get out the door in the morning, let alone make a serious effort beyond coffee and maybe a banana. We polled five of Canada’s fittest women on social media – professional trainers and coaches that literally make health and fitness their business – how they start the day, and the results were pretty convincing. We are taking inspiration from their healthy breakfast ideas, and thinking we’ll have what she’s having – and you will too.

If you are planning on documenting your brekkies, these tips will make your Instagram pics drool-worthy. 

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healthy breakfast ideas, what Beverly Cheng eats for breakfast
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Beverley Cheng – fitness model and blogger

Beverley, @beverleycheng, is a Toronto based health and fitness blogger, sports model, group trainer, and workout guru with a serious social media following. She believes we were all “Born to Sweat” – which is exactly what she named her blog. On it, you’ll find workout videos, pescatarian recipes, and a real discussion on body positivity and healthy lifestyle choices, as well as healthy breakfast ideas.

If you do any exercise today, do this one abs move.

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healthy breakfast ideas Beverley Cheng Breakfast
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Beverley’s breakfast of choice

Beverley aims to fill her plate with veggies and good protein and good fats. Two eggs, sautéed spinach and cherry tomatoes and mini veggies sausages all cooked in coconut oil have the macronutrients she needs to start a day filled with her own demanding training sessions, teaching group classes, photo shoots and more.

Here are five reasons to eat more eggs – hint, hint, one is to lose weight.

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Healthy breakfast ideas Melissa Offner
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Melissa Offner – long-distance runner and personal trainer

Originally from Quebec, TV host and personal trainer Melissa, @melsays, recently settled in Vancouver, where she teaches group fitness classes at The Distrikt on the North Shore. Passionate about distance running, she also founded the #RUNDISTRIKT run club and is training for a series of upcoming runs. Add to that a busy travel schedule, and it’s pretty clear that she needs a whole lot of clean energy to keep her going.

Want more energy? This will help.

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healthy breakfast ideas Melissa Offner breakfast
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Melissa’s breakfast of choice

Focusing on a plant-based diet, Offner loves to make homemade chia bowls for her morning fuel.

“I use coconut milk and add fresh organic fruit, organic rolled oats, nuts, dried fruit, coconut as well as a spoonful of organic peanut butter and cinnamon to top it off. It’s a healthy and hearty breakfast that usually keeps me full until lunch and super easy to digest. I love making these from scratch because I know exactly what goes in them!”

Vegan? Out of healthy breakfast ideas? We have 18 recipes you will love.

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healthy breakfast ideas Caleigh Rykiss
photo credit: Caleigh Rykiss

Caleigh Rykiss – personal trainer and boxing coach

A Toronto-based personal trainer and boxing coach, Caleigh, @caleighfit, combines her passion for fitness and wellness with her decade-long career in media to create digital content that motivates and celebrates body positivity. Her mission in the gym is to coach women to feel their best, strongest, and most confident selves while learning to throw “hella strong punches.”

Here are five of the most effective boxing moves for women.

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healthy breakfast ideas Caleigh Rykiss Breakfast
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Caleigh’s breakfast of choice

After a little fresh fruit, Rykiss heads straight for the blender to whip up a breakfast smoothie of champions. Half a banana for a little sweetness, whey protein to keep her fuller longer and fuel her “crazy days” balancing clients, her own workouts, and content creation. Half a cup of water, a quarter cup of almond milk, a pinch of cinnamon, half teaspoon of organic peanut butter and a small chunk of dark chocolate.

The result: “legit tastes like a Reese’s [Peanut Butter] Cup,” says Caleigh. She also adds “a scoop of L-Glutamine to support my muscle health and a scoop of probiotic powder to keep my gut happy and my immune system strong.”

If you love that, then you will love this chocolate-almond smoothie recipe.

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healthy breakfast ideas jennifer lau breakfast
photo credit: Jennifer Lau

Jennifer Lau – personal trainer and holistic nutritionist

Jennifer, @itsjenniferlau, has 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. As co-owner of Toronto’s Fit Squad training, head coach of Fit Squad and a member of the Canadian Nike Training Team, Jennifer is known for honing buff bods with a particular focus on empowering women. Her clients are no strangers to lifting heavy, and neither is she – so she needs a powerful nutritional kick-start to get her through the day.

These are the best six arm moves for women.

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healthy breakfast ideas Jennfier Lau_Breakfast
photo credit: Jennifer Lau

Jennifer’s breakfast of choice

“My typical go-to breakfast option is usually packed with protein and healthy fats,” says Lau. “I usually opt for one whole organic egg with 3 egg whites, some type of greens and half of an avocado. I generally avoid carbohydrates at breakfast unless it is a post-workout meal (which would include gluten-free protein waffles or Ezekiel toast). By doing so, I ensure I keep my blood sugar levels stabile. A protein and healthy fat packed breakfast keeps be satiated longer throughout the day and helps to curb cravings!”

Here are eight more high-protein healthy breakfast ideas.

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healthy breakfast ideas JohannaSeier
photo credit: Johanna Seier

Johanna Seier – boot camp instructor and online trainer

Known online as  @johanna.seier, Johanna’s boot camp classes are  in her hometown of Winnipeg. Now with the launch of her Fit Girl Gang online training program, women all over the world can work out with Johanna. A personal trainer since 2012, she created FTGG to bring the principles of her Aurea Fitness training company to a global scale, and create a greater fitness community as that is as supportive as it is strong.

Have you ever tried the celeb-favourite Barry’s Bootcamp? We have!

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healthy breakfast ideas JohannaSeier_Breakfast
photo credit: Johanna Seier

Johanna’s breakfast of choice

Johanna’s go-to for healthy breakfast ideas is to start the day is high-protein, high-fat, and packed with veggies, “which keeps me energized and satisfied throughout the morning.” Grilled onions, garlic, Brussels sprouts, red pepper, and mushrooms topped with a sunny side up egg and seasoned with salt and pepper. On the side are sriracha prawns and a quarter of an avocado.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone just told you want to eat? Here is a full breakfast-to-dinner plan.

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healthy breakfast ideas Vanessa Treasure
photo credit: Vanessa Treasure

Vanessa Treasure – trainer and studio manager

A competitive swimmer for 15 years with a degree in kinesiology, Vanessa, @nesstee14, knows a thing or two about what it takes to fuel an active body. Now at F45 Training Yorkville in Toronto, she cheerfully leads her teams through challenging high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and strength training workouts that help them get stronger, faster, and more confident.

Never done HIIT? Then you must bookmark these beginner workouts.

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healthy breakfast ideas Vanessa Treasure_Breakfast
photo credit: Vanessa Treasure

Vanessa’s breakfast of choice

Like most busy trainers, Vanessa is up in the wee hours for either her own workouts or to help others achieve their goals. Her focus is on fuelling her body to be strong and get her through the day.

“A smoothie bowl of frozen açai berry and banana, topped with sliced banana, mixed berries, granola and hemp seeds is how I like to kick of each and every day. What I do first thing in the morning sets me up for success. I have my açai bowl, listen to some good music and feel ready to take on the world.” Sounds like a great way to start a day to us!

Want to try making your own breakfast bowl? Try this recipe, too!

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