How To Take Great Instagram Food Photos

Want beautiful photos of your smoothie or breakfast bowl? Here’s how to get more likes on your Instagram food photos with our expert tips.

bright and colourful smoothies in milk jarsPhoto credit: Shutterstock

Great Instagram food photos are like badges of honour. These beautiful photos are an unspoken confirmation that you: One, eat healthy; two, just might be a great cook; and three, are a talented photographer. Tamara Robbins Griffith, décor expert and HomeSense spokesperson, offers us a few tips to help you take great Instagram food photos.

Who should we follow on Instagram for healthy inspiration?

How can we achieve great lighting for great food Instagram photos?

Natural light is a food Instagrammer’s best friend. Turn off interior lights in the kitchen or dining room – wherever you’re shooting – to get the best shot. This will mostly alleviate annoying shadows and allow pretty tableware and yummy food to really shine. And don’t forget to take a minute to clean up little drips and crumbs!

What about other things in the photo?

Retro is also a strong theme right now in kitchen [trends], and the bottom line is that if people have a look, they want their artwork, small accessories and appliances to fit together seamlessly. And with more and more people [living] in small [homes] and condos, there is not always the storage space to hide an appliance when not in use. As a result, we are seeing sleek shapes, interesting colours and metallic finishes from polished and matte to brushed and pearlized. So much so, in fact, that we’ve brought in a stellar assortment of high-end designer small appliances for the kitchen and home specifically for our Privé Event happening at select HomeSense store locations.

We’ve got our spiralizer, smoothie blender, food process, mandolin, infusion water bottle, lemon squeezer. So much stuff. How do we stay healthy and still de-clutter to take great Instagram food photos?

The first step is to truly – and honestly – assess what tools you will actually use on a regular basis that suit your lifestyle, and to identify how much space you have in your kitchen to devote to small appliances. Often we can purchase one new appliance that is well-designed and it can take the place of two or three others that only have one function. There are many combo machines such as blenders that convert into food processors, and mixers that have attachments to do everything from making ice cream and pasta to mincing meat.