What Is It Really Like To Take A Barry’s Bootcamp Toronto Class?

How does Barry’s Bootcamp Toronto compare to your regular workout? We compare it to Pilates, yoga, running and a gym workout so you know what to expect.

Barry's Bootcamp Toronto, inside the studiophoto credit: Barry's Bootcamp Toronto

Barry’s Bootcamp Toronto reviews that are all imho

Sure, you can read a review of a workout class and take it for face value. Or, you can get some insight into what the class is really like for someone like you. So the crew at Best Health decided to head to Barry’s Bootcamp and review it based on what we are used to doing. How does this class compare to your regular workout? Find out with four-dimentional review.

First, the gist, according to Barry’s Bootcamp

“Barry’s is the original high-intensity work out. It burns up to 1,000 calories in one class (!!!), tones muscle, maximizes fat loss, and increase your metabolism, so you actually burn calories even after class is over. We’ve got the science to prove it. (And the abs…)

And now, our thoughts

The Pilates Practitioner

“I thought it was a great way to get in a solid cardio workout while incorporating weights in a fun class setting with great music. The post-workout, cold euculyptus cloth for my face was just about the nicest thing after such a tough workout. But the biggest plus? Indulging at smoothie bar after was amazing. The staff were friendly and knowledgable and the PB & J smoothie was delicious!.” – Ashley Leon

We get it. Not every gym or studio has a smoothie bar. But you can, if you have these ingredients.

The Yoga Enthusiast (also The Cardio-Adverse)

“I know that keeping my heart rate up during a workout makes for better results, but I always end up zoning out to a podcast on the treadmill. Having an instructor motivating me to run, not dissimilar to a spin instructor, was really helpful. The workout was intense but went by surprisingly fast. Three days later, I’m still feeling it, and swear I can see new muscles in my legs. I would describe this as a the workout you should do at the gym, but don’t.” – Courtney Reilly-Larke

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The Running Junkie

“I couldn’t wait to hop on a treadmill and begin one of Barry’s notorious workouts. Although this 55-minute class is split up into running segments and floor strength training, I found this workout to be super effective because of it’s short intervals – especially on the treadmill. As I moved through different speeds, sprints and inclines on the treadmill, my endurance was really tested. And what I loved most about this workout is how easy it was to modify my speed, while still feeling like I was getting the most out of my interval training. Barry’s flattering red lighting, fun tunes and contagious energy will definitely have me coming back for another go! FYI: After just one class, prepare to see muscles on your legs you’ve never seen before. (Just give this class a try and you’ll see what I mean.)” – Alyssa Ball

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The Gym Rat

“I know my way around the gym and I’m not intimidated by weights. I also love fitness classes. So I really felt like this class was for me. I do, though, feel like it is an advanced class. Beginners set on going to Barry’s would benefit from a couple of sessions with a personal trainer first. The Barry’s class is divided into two groups: Half on treadmills and other doing strength training. The instructor is often going between the two groups and doesn’t have the eye on every single person for form. And while your neighbour might be a good example, they might also get the form wrong. Learning the basics, like deadlifts, squats, and more would be very helpful.” – Lisa Hannam

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