5 Ways Eating Pumpkins Can Improve Your Health

Pumpkins aren’t just good for making jack-o’-lanterns.

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Health Benefits of Pumpkins

The Health Benefits of Pumpkins

Could stashing a pumpkin or winter squash under the bed ward off rheumatism? Additionally, can pulverized pumpkin seeds get rid of a tapeworm? And can pumpkin salve-a folk remedy for baldness-grow hair? Probably not. Today, these vegetable’s claim to health-promoting fame is their treasure trove of nutrients. Here are five amazing health benefits of pumpkins.

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1) Eating More Pumpkins Will Help You Stay Healthy

Pumpkins and winter squash contain nutrients called alpha-carotene and betacarotene, which is known to boost immunity.

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2) Your Eyes Will Thank You

The nutrients present in orange and yellow vegetables like pumpkins help protect eyes against vision-robbing cataracts and age-related eye health issues.

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3) It’s Good For Your Blood Pressure

The high-amounts of potassium in winter vegetables and pumpkins helps your body to maintain an optimal blood pressure level.

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4) Pumpkins Promotes Good Organ Health

Some of the nutrients in pumpkins support the health of your kidney, bladder and prostate.

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5) Pumpkin Seeds Are A Great Snack

Pumpkin seeds are a healthy snack that’s high in protein and contains healthy fats. One great way to eat more pumpkin seeds is by adding cooked or raw pumpkin seeds to your cereal or trail mix.

If you’re in need of more ideas of how to incorporate this healthy vegetable into your diet, add some roasted or steamed pumpkin into risotto, pasta or chili. Additionally, our list of popular pumpkin recipes is another great place to start.

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