Fitness Tech Gear You Need For Your 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

Looking to start 2018 with the latest and greatest fitness tech gear? We selected the best wearables (and not so wearables) to help you achieve your goals.

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The Best Health Fitness Technology Gear for 2018

With the holidays fast approaching and new year’s resolutions on our brains soon after that, you’ll want to stock up on fitness tech gear that can help you (and your loved ones) get or stay fit in the new year. Each wishlist item here comes with a tech twist—like an artificial intelligence (AI) personal trainer or PJs that enhance exercise recovery while you sleep.

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1. Techie running buddy

This GPS-connected AI device provides personalized coaching in a lifelike female voice to help you reach fitness goals and become a better runner both outdoors and on the treadmill. Vi shares real-time biometric feedback during your workout, including heart rate, speed, distance, calories burned and more. Another reason it is on our fitness tech gear 2018 list: You can connect to Spotify or other platforms to provide music that matches recommended paces.

Vi Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer, $328 on

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2. Sleep away soreness

Designed to help active people and athletes optimize rest and recovery between workouts, these next-level PJs rely on bioceramics technology integrated into the fabric’s lining. The technology absorbs infrared wavelengths from the body and reflects back Far Infrared to help with faster recover and better sleep.

Under Armour Recovery Sleepwear, $69.99 to $114.99 at

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Fitness technology 2018 Fitbit Aria

3. Smart scale

This WiFi smart scale measures pound/kilos and also body fat percentage, lean weight and body mass index (BMI). When you sync data from the scale to the Fitbit app on your smartphone, you can view charts and graphs of your weight trends and progress. This fitness tech gear is also compatible with Fitbit activity trackers and can accommodate up to eight users (but it keeps your stats private).

Fitbit Aria 2 Scale, $169.95 at

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fitness technology 2018 RYU Quick Pack backpack

4. Clever carry-all

Canadian company RYU engineered this gym bag to look modern and minimalist on the outside but be uber-functional on the inside. It has hidden zippered pockets and mesh compartments to stash your phone, laptop, water bottle, workout shoes and more. A molded internal shell keeps the bag’s sleek shape, whether it’s empty or stuffed with gym gear.

RYU Quick Pack 18L, $175 at

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fitness technology gear 2018 Keen Terradora boot

5. Tech for your tootsies

Built for a woman’s foot, this winterized, waterproof boot has a sole that provides stability on all-terrain routes like bumpy hiking trails. Its tech side includes charcoal bamboo insulation and a breathable membrane that breathes without letting water in, ensuring feet stay warm and dry. Available in boot or shoe styles.

Keen Women’s Terradora Pulse Waterproof, $185 at

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fitness technology gear 2018 Athos tights

6. Tights that track

Receive activity tracking like heart rate and calorie expenditure when you snap the water-resistant, palm-sized Athos Core into these tights. As you train, the Core device collects real-time data from the garment’s sensors and Core’s built-in accelerometer, which it sends to an app on your iPhone via Bluetooth.

Athos Compression Women’s Capri Tights, $184.99, plus Athos Core $229.99, at

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fitness technology gear Trigger Point Grid Vibe foam roller

7. What the buzz is about

This foam roller uses vibrating technology for more effective exercise recovery, better mobility and increased circulation. Calibrated to an optimal vibration frequency, the Grid Vibe helps reduce pain and relax muscles, making it more comfortable to roll over tight spots when you have them.

TriggerPoint Grid Vibe, $149.95 at

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fitness technology Bose Sound Sport Free Wireless headphones

8. Tune in and work out

Created specifically for exercise, these sweat-resistant, no-wire headphones boast a strong connection with the phone or tablet they’re paired to, whether the device is in your gym bag, strapped to your arm or even nine metres away. For misplaced headphones, there’s the handy “Find My Buds” feature on the companion app so you can see the last time and location you used the headphones.

Bose SoundSport Free Headphones, $329.99 at

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fitness technology gear 2018 hidrate spark and ap

9. High-tech hydration

We put this 24-ounce, BPA-free smart water bottle on our fitness tech gear list because it keeps track of how much water you drink and glows to remind you when it’s time to guzzle more. The plastic bottle also syncs with multiple health-related apps, including Fitbit, Under Armour and Apple Health.

Hidrate Spark 2.0 Water Bottle, $49.95 US at

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fitness technology gear 2018 Diffuser kit mini tree

10. Diffuser and chill

Perfect for yoga and other health practices like meditation, this essential-oil diffuser uses ultrasonic waves to diffuse oils for up to four hours. Water and nano-particles in the GuruNanda oil form a calming mist without heating, and light-emitting diodes (LED) help you chill out. We think it belongs in our picks for 2018 fitness tech gear as it comes with a USB cable so you can power it through your laptop or computer.

GuruNanda Mini Tree USB Diffuser, $24.99 at

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