For Real: High-Tech Pajamas That Get Rid Of Muscle Pain

Under Armour has created PJs that are not only comfortable, but they also speed up muscle recover and avoid muscle soreness.

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Could the solution to your pain be PJs that boost sleep muscle recovery?

Sure. Right. A set of lightweight fabric pajamas that suddenly makes muscle soreness disappear. Sounds too good to be true, right.

So, one night after a grueling workout at Equinox, I decided to give Under Armour’s Athlete Recovery Sleepwear a try. I was skeptical when I held up the extremely lightweight fabric tank and joggers before I put them on. They looked like typical athleisure wear; something I might put on over my workout clothes as I head to Pilates. Inside the fabric, though, was a hexagon-like print that the tags referenced for regulating body temperature. It was stretchy and embedded in the fabric. So, I put on the jammies, worrying if the thin, drapy model/elastane-blend fabric would be cozy enough for me.

The next morning: Nothing. No tightness in my legs. Not even a twinge in my core (which was what my trainer was focussing on.) It mustn’t have been as hard of a workout as I thought, I rationalized.

My workouts continued over the week, and I continued to wear my technical pajamas. And I felt normal. Until…. I put them in the wash and I went back to my regular PJs.

My regular ol’ pajamas made me sore!

The technology of sleep muscle recovery

We all know sleep is important for the body. This is when the body repairs tissues and cells. (That’s why those who sleep well look so good, and their bodies are healthier than those who have problems sleeping.) That’s why we feel tight the next day. That’s the muscles repairing and building. (Did you know these foods and supplements can also help with muscle pain?)

So how do the PJs fit in?

They promote faster muscle recovery, so that “good pain” feeling doesn’t have to happen. And it’s because of that pattern on the inside of the fabric.

Tech speak says it is “bioceramics technology” lining the fabric, which is “used and validated by TB12.” Don’t worry. I had no idea what it meant either. Until Jordan Russ, senior product line manager at Under Armour explained it to me.

“The body emits heat that is absorbed by the particles within the bioceramic pattern printed on the interior of the garment,” he says. “This reflects Far Infrared back into the body in the form of heatless energy, which promotes better sleep and faster recovery.”

Sleep muscle recovery is a holistic way to deal with pain

Tom Brady – Mr. Gisele – recovers from exercise this way, and he calls his method TB12. He partnered with Under Armour to produce the line. This line has been tested for best results, and it should be worn at least for six hours of sleep for minimum of two weeks.

As for after washing, Russ assures me the technology will last. I’ve done two washes and so far so good. I had two harsh workout days back to back. I am feeling twinges in my legs and stomach. But I know my muscles are not not nearly as stiff as they should be.

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