The Most Thoughtful Gifts For The Travel Junkie On Your List

A lover of travel has to be smart with what we pack. That is why we curated 10 unique gift ideas to inspire your favourite jetsetter on their next trip.

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Stay pink and carry on

Thoughtfully designed and guaranteed for life, this carry-on is not only fashionable (army green! Blush pink!), but also functional: equipped with a built-in battery, it can charge any USB device so you’ll always be able to double-check your itineraries, or map out your city walking routes once you land.

Away The Bigger Carry-on, $375 at

This is the reason you should be walking more often, even on vacation.

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traveler gift ideas lululemon Vinyasa scarf

That is a wrap

This scarf has major versatility: you can turn it into a wrap, a cardigan or a customizable scarf with a few quick twists. The magic is in the Rulu fabric: Sweat-wicking and breathable it promises to keep you comfortable – not hot – in whatever climate, or chilly airplane, you find yourself in.

Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf Rulu, $48 at

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traveller gift ideas Leatherman Juice CS4
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Pop a cork

Your giftee will love this TSA-friendly pocket tools “knife” set. No more will they have to buy and discard a corkscrew or borrow one from the front desk of the hotel because it is not allowed in their carry-on. That is reason enough to celebrate with a glass of wine!

Leatherman Juice CS4, $93.95 at

Is red wine really healthy?

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traveller gift idea diptyque Candle

Makes total scents

Bring scents with you to make your hotel room feel like your home. The aromas are subtle enough to warrant the best moments of meditation. (Let your giftee know, though, to pack the candle in their checked-in luggage. Certain regions do not let candles through security.)

Diptyque Baies Candle, $86 at

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traveller gift idea Consonant gym & Travel Essentials Kit

Have essentials, will carry

Perfectly portioned for travel and neatly packed in an organic cotton gym bag, this bevy of natural and organic skincare products, lip conditioner and hand cream promises to keep your skin flawless from head-to-toe while you’re on the go.

Consonant Gym & Travel Essentials kit, $75 at

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Traveler gift ideas Etsy Ohhh Lulu Clara mask

Sleeping beauty

Sweet dreams are made from satin sleep masks. A simple luxury that will encourage some ZZZs and help reduce jet lag.

OhhhLulu satin sleep mask, $28.23 at

Does melatonin really work?

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traveller gift guide Everlane backpack

The bend and snap

Anything but basic, Everlane’s minimalist-chic backpacks will give your special someone a reason to ditch the old in favour of the (polished) new. (You will recognize the brand simple elegance as worn on stars like Angelina Jolie.) Roomy enough to work as a gym or beach bag, and compact enough for carrying your most precious items on-board. (The brand just launched delivery to Canada in the fall, so the prices are in US, and duties will apply.)

Everlane The Modern Snap Backpack, $80 at

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traveller gift ideas Saje Arrive Revived Travel Mist

All misty eyed

This just in: This stuff really works, or so says everyone we know who hits the high skies often and spritzes often. Spray this balancing mist and inhale when you land to reduce drowsiness, while increasing alertness despite time zone differences!

Saje Arrive Revived Jet Lag and Travel Mist, $9.95 at

Here are some tips for staying awake when you are tired AF.

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travel gift ideas Tilley TOYO Fedora

Topping it off

Sun protection that’s stylish, too? Yes, please! The Tilley Fedora is a classic shape with a wide enough brim to hide from the sun’s hottest rays. Bonus: It will not lose its shape if you fold it up and put it in your suitcase.

Tilley TOYO Fedora, $120 at

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traveller gift ideas women's keen newport sandal

Trail blazer

For the adventurous spirit, a shoe that handles adverse weather, rivers and hikes with ease. Washable polyester makes easy work after muddy trails.

Keen Women’s Newport H2, $120 at

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traveller gift ideas LifeSaver water bottle

Eau, yeah!

This water bottle is a game changer. Hydrate safely with this versatile bottle that filters out viruses, bacteria and other nasty things in seconds from any contaminated source. Plus, it is BPA- and BPS-free.

Lifesaver Classic Filtration Bottle, $311.55 at

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traveller gift ideas Rowenta Xcell Steam Handheld

Full steam ahead!

No matter how hard you try, suitcases can wrinkle your clothes something awful. This heats up in 45 seconds and works just as well as a professional machine. Major win!

Rowenta Access Handheld Steamer, $99 at

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traveller gift ideas Thomas Sabo sterling silver necklace

Because you are a gem

Inspired by Buddhist Mala bracelets used for prayers, these protective pendants, tassels and symbolic beads use natural materials – Tiger’s eye, black obsidian, rose quartz – to give the wearer energy and strength.

ss Sabo Power Beads, $189 and up at

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Heads above the rest

A pillow is a great gift. Why? No one thinks to indulge themselves in a luxe one. This pillow is 100-per cent cotton with silky fibers to keep you very cool and very comfortable wherever you may decide to lay your head.

Casper Pillow, starting at $85 at

Can the right pillow help you sleep better?

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gifts travel 2017 backpack carryon

A black and tan

A leather and cotton-canvas backpack is a real treat for someone who has to lug around a carry-on for their travels.

Taikan Lancer Veg Tan backpack, $299 at

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